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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by aceman776, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. Hey everybody!

    Im kinda new to the whole smokin scene, and I just registered here. Anybody from around Philly here? Not really Philly, but like, King of Prussia, Chester County and stuff. Always good to make new friends :)
  2. i live kind of around there like an hour away
  3. Im from about 2 hours from there but I visit quite often
  4. Pittsburgh
  5. Representing E-Town! I'm about as far away from philly as possible while staying in PA...but I get to live on lake Erie ;)
  6. i live right outside of Pittsburgh so i'm only a couple hundred miles away
  7. i live in york... thats not really close, but in pa none the less
  8. Im not good with geography and such, but im from oregon, and you can be my friend :D

    :smoking: smoke more pot :smoking:
  9. yes im near u. im in delaware county
  10. Sweet, the 'Burgh is representin. Love my hometown . . .
  11. anyone live in allen-town?
  12. I'm here from Lancaster.
  13. I used to live in the "burgh" probally going to move back in september, California is just too damn exspensive.
  14. the burgh is where its at
  15. Hell Yea! Erie represent! :hello:
  16. also used to be a burgher, haha.

    ill be stayin here in cali though:)
  17. hay what part of erie you from man.
  18. apperantly 70% of people that grew up in pittsburgh move back here at some time in their life.

    Oh btw i live in Pittsburgh
  19. holdin it down in southern chester county:smoke:

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