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**Friends HomeGrown: Blueberry x Strawberry**

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Florida420bud, May 26, 2009.

  1. Damn, ridiculous at the least. I got 10 grams for 120 of this stuff from a friend of mine that grew it himself. Its ALMOST too fruity. You can literally taste the flavor when dry hitting a joint or when smoking. Its also some of the densest bud i have, the 10 g's didnt even look like a quarter. The biggest nug was 4.2 grams and it looked like 1.5-2. Ive smoked better but this is the best smelling fruity bud ive ever smoked.

    Pics arent the greatest but something is wrong with my camera's sensor. have to get it checked out

    Tell me what you guys think.


  2. looks tasty as hell :hello:
  3. haha it tastes ridiculous. If you roll a j with and dry hit it before you smoke it you can taste both strains perfectly
  4. and the nug pictured is 3.5 on the dot.
  5. really really dense too
  6. Is that a bottle cap behind it? It looks dense as fuck. Looks good. I need to stop looking at bud when i'm dry :cry:
  7. thanks man, yea its a bottle cap. and that nugs an eighth haha. Its mad sticky so ive been throwing it in the grinder instead of breaking it up by hand. Losing to many trichs that way haha
  8. That's some dense looking bud. Looks tasty nonetheless.
  9. im guessing its a pretty heavy sativa?
  10. thanks man, like i said,the best tasting ive ever gotten.

    the bud in your sig is awesome as well.

  11. stronggg hybrid. the indica is from the blueberry and the sativa from the strawberry. id honestly say a bit more sativa though.
  12. damn how i would love a piece of that :D

  13. thanks man, almost gone now but i just figured out that my friend is going to grow this every year because he was so pleased with it. so hopefully more of this to come.
  14. its a nice color man. how's the high?
  15. your friends homegrown...?

    looks more like some compressed commercial junk...but enjoy it brotha :smoking:

  16. thanks man, but its not commercial. I saw and even helped him at times with the plant. Along with this he has Shiva's Skunk, 6 no names, and master kush.

    im not a grower but im just guessing it came out really dense because he messed up something later on during the grow or curing/drying process.

  17. strong hybrid, id say more sativa dominant. However the buds smell more blueberry-ish.
  18. that shit looks niiiice.
  19. thanks man, smoke is sooo smooth.

    the bud in your signature looks frosty as fuck

  20. thats what i was thinking

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