Friend's getting fucked. Distribution of Alc and other charges.

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  1. So on friday my friend C (Senior, 18 years old) sold his ex girlfriend, E, (Sophomore ..15 or 16?) a large water bottle full of vodka. She then decided to give it to her friend B, who decided to drink it AT SCHOOL/on a field trip with her dumbass friends, L, And T. Dumbass bitch L decides to get drunk for the FIRST TIME, AT SCHOOL. so their on this field trip, cleaning up trash around town and she starts fucking puking in front of her teacher. The teacher brings her, T and B back to school. They all get breathalyzed and each blow like a .10, which is pretty fuckin embarrassing to be puking at, I know..

    So these stupid ass bitches all rat my friend out C, without his ex E knowing, she wasn't involved yet but they snitched her out too. So my friend gets pulled outta class, right next to me outta Calculus by the school resource officer, and I'm just like fuck.. So lets fast foward 30 minutes later, school just ended and I'm walking towards the office I see C walkin outta the office he grabs me and turns me around. Hands me his keys tells me he told them hes going to the bathroom and that I need to get the 1/2 Oz of weed and bottle of bacardi the fuck out of his truck ASAP.

    So I save his ass, get his shit out before they searched his car.. but I met up with him a little later to find their charging him with distribution of alcohol to a minor and possession of alcohol underaged since they knew he had it.. He's already been arrested for Po. of marijuana and now because of some dumbass cunts he's getting fucked.

    Just thought I'd share the story, feel bad for him. Luckily he didn't get arrested/suspended but hes gotta go to court for those charges.

    Atleast the dumb bitches got a 10 day suspension with drug classes. But shit i feel bad...

    What's he looking at for probation/com. service?
  2. Let's just hope he doesn't have to write an essay.

  3. That's the least of his worries they're taking his license away, he might even be getting transportation of alcohol since his ex told them he drove her around ...
  4. He should fight it, if he wasnt drunk and had no alch on him its hard to prove he gave them the alch. Its there word against his and he will win in court because word against word with no proof the benefit of the doubt will be given to the accused because its not proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

  5. I told him that shit but idk if he admitted to anything.. the cop told him that 4 girls are all pointing their fingers at him and that in court he's gonna be fucked either way. But if it were me, I wouldn't have admitted to shit.
  6. I'd smack some bitches around. Really, drinking at school at 16? Shit what has society come to? I'd go with what the person above me said, deny that shit because there's no proof.

  7. It's to late, my friend doesn't know the law like most people on here/I do he already admitted to the police he did it, or at least to our principal and the SRO.
  8. fuck bitches that can't handle their shit! and by bitches I mean anyone not solely women but 9 times out of 10 its a female that can't hold their shit together.

  9. Now you see that's why you can't trust bitches.
  10. What are kids doing with vodka anyways?

  11. What are kids doing in school anyways?

  12. getting drunk, duh :rolleyes:
  13. deny den deny and tell him to get a good lawyer

  14. Apparently, drinking liquor...
  15. Your ex is up there with the people not to sell too, alongside your therapist, your dog, and your parents.

    Not saying he deserved it, it does suck that those dumb bitches were dumb, but I can't say he got completely blindsided. Also, your a good friend for clearing that shit out. If they found the weed he could have been charged with distribution of cannabis as well and given a felony on his record and everything. Just hope he gets off with a couple classes and maybe some com service nothing more.

    And maybe advise him to stay away from selling shit to his ex in the future.
  16. i've done quite a few substances in school and i can tell ya alcohol is one of the worst.
  17. Id tell him to get a good lawyer and start recanting the admission of guilt based on the fact that he was scared into it by the principle and cop.

    If he plays his cards right and has the right lawyer it sounds like he could get out of admitting it by saying the principle and cop promised him no trouble and scared him into admitting it.

    Not saying its the right thing to do, but it could work if played correctly, with the right lawyer.
  18. a good friend of mine got fucked like that at school last year he had sold some bud to some kid who told everyone about the bag of bud and was showing it off next day my friend gets busted and sent to some fucked up hell hole alternative school fuck a rat!
  19. any half decent lawyer can get those charges reduced. tell your friend to go for the chewbacca defense, it never fails...

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