Friends dont like buying me or others a bag...

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    FRAT warning.

    So basically i have about 5 friends who smoke alot over the years, I would call close friends in every aspect except getting me or a few other friends bags.

    The only constant thing that baffles me is they dont like getting bags for me or 2 other friends who are more casual smokers who dont have any hookups ourselves. Recently i was very lucky another friend who is in the same boat as me had met someone at work who got us bags, it was great, but now he moved.

    What Im trying to understand is why they dont like getting us a bag, and i will give a few details as to how i try to help the situation.

    1. I offer to prepay for our share.

    2. I dont smoke alot, an 8th lasts me 2 months, i dont want to cause them trouble or be a pain.

    3. I dont demand a bag, i politely ask them to pick me some up whenever they run out and are getting some themselves. And if any of my 2 other friends that have trouble getting dope as well want some, i make sure we are all in sync and prepaid, we ask for something like one quarter for all of us then split it amongst ourselves on our time after to ease the hassle of the person picking up. In this way i figure the person getting the bag hopefully doesnt see it as needing to get some for 3 extra people, but just one more bag for another person that we split amongst ourselves after.

    4. I have offered many times to let them keep a joint of my bag for themselves for the trouble. That doesnt seem to help. Or even pay a little extra.

    Is it just a pain to get someone else a bag, or am i not doing enough to make the situation easy for them. I emailed a friend the person who i had the most success with. We talk every week. I asked for a bag 2 weeks ago, he responded it was a drought (I know he smokes daily), so i didnt want to pressure, i messaged him again today just asking if it still looks bad out their, he responded "sorry just got a bag last night"

    I am a little annoyed I just politely reminded him whenever he gets one i wouldnt mind one and will help make it easy as possible for him.

    Any hints or things im not considering when asking a friend would be appreciated.

    Before someone says why dont you ask them, I have asked 2 other friends and almost had to confront them before i finally got an answer, usually they would brush me aside when i asked. The general consensus is the hardcore smoking freinds get each other bags and look out for each other, but us more casual smoking friends are not really a concern and we are extra hassle and dont have any connections ourselves so we dont contribute. Thats why im trying to make it easy as possible for them. One of my friends is now considering using silk road it has gotten so bad that hes willing to take a risk rather then ask them.

    Also before someone asks why dont you ask your friends to meet their dealers. From what I know they get some off people they play hockey with. I have never met them, the people they also get it off of are not dealers, but simply people who buy large quantities as well for them.

    A couple of my other casual smoking friends who also know them wont ask them either, they always ask me to ask them...

    Any advice on how to make the situation easier for them would be appreciated. Me and my buddy have been out for 2 months.
  2. You'll have to just talk to your buddies about it openly. It might just be that they don't like the idea of giving other people weed even if it's only once every couple months. It's really hard to say unless you talk to them about it. You might just ask them if they could talk to whoever they go through and see if they'd be alright with you meeting them so as to not inconvenience your friend at all.
  3. your friends are being lazy IMO. if they actually know a dealer, the dealer will give them a better price for buying multiple bags. which means they pay less for the same ammount of herb, i wouldntbe a dick about it, but i wouldnt smoke my weed with them if they are too good to help you out.
  4. Yea sorry I updated my post.

    They get it off a couple different buddies they play hockey with. Doesnt help me and my friends who dont smoke often dont play rec hockey.

    From what I am told these friends on their team who never come out to party with us either by the way, are not dealers, they simply get large quantities off another 3rd party.
  5. Oh well, that's probably why. It sounds like they don't know anyone either, they're just getting it from friends like you are.
  6. I should also mention they are incredibly generous with sharing friend who is probably the biggest dope smoker but refuses to get me a bag insists often just to come by and he will smoke with me.

    But I would like my own, sometimes i dont feel like going to his place and sometimes hes busy.

    It makes it more baffling that their not greedy, i would say the lazy thing might be whats happening
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    Ok that could be it. But they always have enough for themselves and more..I have never asked for more then a quarter i even say i will take an 8th all the time if its a problem...Also their friends seem to have no problem getting them much more then i ask for.

    I have seen their bags by the way, and they have tons and are never without.

    Whenever i ask i say i would take an 8th if supply is low. But each of them often purchase half ounce bags for themselves and others. If they were hard up i would understand, but i have not seen them not able to purchase large quantities for themselves in the last 8 years, their buddies seem to be able to get them as much as they want whenever they want, id like to think an 8th or even a quarter would not be asking to much. From what I know when I ask or if someone else asks them for an 8th or quarter they just ask their friend to get them a bit more...

    My last text actually to my friend was me and our other buddy will split an 8th if supply is low, we dont smoke alot.
  8. plz stop calling it getting bags n calling weed dope u n00bs
  9. na but seriously just get the number from one of ur boys n use that as ur connect n get it urself if they gonna be dicks like that
  10. [quote name='"gangstakush"']na but seriously just get the number from one of ur boys n use that as ur connect n get it urself if they gonna be dicks like that[/quote]

    :rolleyes: ain't gunna work like that.... I don't want some random number hitting me up for pot. I should say hookup for pot because I don't deal.....

    You gotta meet em first. Lol.

  11. where i'm from if u just tell em who gave u the number or some shit they'll come thru, how else is one supposed to get a new dealer
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    Well thats sort of the problem, thats why one of my friend is contemplating silk road which seems like a bad idea.

    These friends who im struggling to get noob bags from get theirs from one or two other friends on their hockey team who purchase large quantities i assume from an actual dealer possibly out of town. I have seen about 500 dollars worth frequently sitting on my buddies table for our other friends or other people and when i asked where they got it from they said a buddy on their team gets a bunch from his dealer. When I asked about hooking me up they responded like the person above, he doesnt know you, hes not a dealer, he gets me a bunch cause i know him, he wont like me giving out his number. So i am perplexed why they cant ask him for an extra 8th/quarter whatever for me whenever they order some, that's usually how i phrase it as well, can you please get me an 8th or quarter whenever you are out and want to get some, i will prepay if you want...

    And i should mention they have got me some before at times, its just hit and miss or a hassle and like pulling teeth to get them to get me some and often times i get a response like i posted earlier.... "sorry just picked up" after i specifically asked them if they could hook me up a week and half prior. I only ask maybe once every 2 or 3 months as well.
  13. Clearly your friends aren't learning anything in school. You offer to pre-pay, along with getting others to chip in.. He gets more weed the more money he spends. So if he was originally getting an 8th for 60, you getting an 8th for 60, and your boy getting an 8th for 60.. That's 180.. He could easily get over a half ounce.. So he just doubled his stash, and could have took a free gram/money from you IN ADDITION to that..
  14. they prob think ur a narc or somthing..?
  15. Find new friends. The people you associate yourself with are fucking stupid. No point in continuing trying to advance your personal relationship with them. They dont see you as a friend and therefore, you arent important, to them atleast. They dont care about you or else they woulda hooked you up by now. Find some real friends instead of calling your acquaintances your friends. Im not trying to be mean im just tellin it how it is, ive been there done that; those people arent your friends and the second you give them the chance to take something from you they'll act on it. Go down to your local skate park or wherevever the stoner kids hang out in your area, meet some people, socialize, have a good time. Youd be surprisex what you might find. Just dont walk up to people and ask them for pot, be smart about it, be cool, and play it safe. Keep that in mind and you should stay out of 99% of the trouble kids get themselves into today.
  16. Sounds like my OLD friends , i recently met my buddies dealer and the dealer ended up liking me better so now i dont have to give my one friend gas money , get my bag pinched , or wait hours . Now i make a call and within 15 minutes (usually 5) its at my house delivered (being the dealer is basically my neighbor next street over) .

    Like many said find new friends , when i use to buy through people i felt like a hassle and had to buy them gas ($130Q) And get my bag pinched .......

    If you were my friend i wouldnt mind it , the more i buy the cheaper it is ;)
  17. Maybe your hitting some limit of theirs. Ik in my area the difference between getting caught with 3/4 of an ounce and 1 ounce is a $100 fine to jail time. Due to this i never have an ounce put together or ever buy in an ounce. Maybe your friends are running into things like that.
  18. You said your friends will generously smoke you out but don't like it when you ask them for a bag, maybe they don't want to be a dealer in any way, shape or form?
    Even though you may not see it this way, your friends risk a felony in the eyes of the law for hooking you up.
  19. Ya, that's just your friends being lazy. I always try to help guys out, because I know sometime I will need help too.
    However, I might understand where they are coming from. There are some people who always need a gram or two, and always run out. Then take advantage of friends helpful ness and treat them like dealers so the people with weed just start saying no.
    You should probably try to find a dealer, because obviously your friends just don't want to help you, and they may have a good reason, or just be douches.
  20. Maybe your friends don't want to be known as dealers. Trust me, speaking from experience, word spreads very fast about who is picking up and selling, and the last thing these guys want are more and more people asking for them to pick up more and more bud

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