Friends daughter said first words to me

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  1. Me and this guy have been cool for about 6 months was introduced through a friend and we kick it and smoke and drink usually about onxe a week, occasionally text.
    Anyways I was over at his house and he had recently had a baby girl.

    Anyways he was holding her
    And I had never really seen his daughter before she would normally be sleeping upstairs while we would smoke. I don't condone smoking while having an infant to tend to and I've let that be known to him. Anyhow.

    He brought her down stairs and

    I was like


    And the baby said her first words to me which were just a simple


    I was shocked a baby that young could talk but she clearly said her first word to me.

    I Haven't hears from my friend now in over a month, and he hasn't ansered a call or text.

    Last I heard my other friends were over at house hanging out and smoking.
    They texted me mentioning the babies dad would be trying out for the chargers.
    And I asked if they wrre chilling and everyone was over there drinking and smoking

    Do you think he feels like somehow I interfered or took something away from him...
  2. Woe i think i just caught a buzz from reading that post
  3. I wouldn't worry about. That seems like a really petty thing for him to be upset about.

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    lol wow.

    And yea you usurped him from his role as father. You'd of been nicer to have just fucked his no jk but really its odd he hasnt said anything to you in a while if he is upset about that then he has some personal issues to let that affect his friendship with you
  5. Sounds like he's kind of a douche if he got angry at you for getting his baby to talk.
  6. You shouldn't be hitting on your friend's daughter, man.  You're all "Hi baby! :love: ", and then she flirted back, of course he's pissed at you.
  7. Maybe he doesn't Want to hang out because you told him you didn't approve of him smoking with a baby around. Maybe he's just like cool, dont come over.
  8. I would be creeped out that such a young thing understood that I was greeting it and responded with another greeting instead of just spouting any word it knew but that's bc I'm weird and babies are weird

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  9. I am sure he is jealous for sure but he should realize it is low and petty to ignore you for that, you couldn't control it and neither could he. People usually don't like what they can't control. 
    Or he just doesn't like you, because that is pretty low of him just because his baby said something to you. He should be happy about it.
  10. Y'all niggas crazy. How old is that kid?
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    Your friend sounds like a bitch...
    Truth hurts.
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    Maybe as your friend was telling his wife about her babys first words she got jealous and told him not to hang around you no more, possible scenario.
  13. I'm sorry to say but ANYONE who wud cut sum1 off over such a trivial thing is, well...for lack of a better word... a little bitch
  14. Baby's say words
  15. this is a possibility
    also how old is the baby? because you said he just had it and youve only known him for 6 months so that makes me think she is way younger than most babies when they say their first words. which is creepy as shit 
  16. Sounds like he blew you off the map A.S.A.P.
  17. So a few months old baby said HELLO? I think you were high off your ass and just translated baby cooing into a HELLO in your head.
  18. Code:
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  19. i was the first person to make my friends 3month old son laugh. his mom & pops just looked at me like 'fuck maybe you can start buyin diapers now since we couldnt get him to laugh'

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