Friends Dad Walked Out In Our Session

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by j-boy, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. My buddy and me were blazin part of a blunt out in his backyard, when his dad walks out. I was like oh fuck, not that I care about people knowing I smoke buds or anything. I put all the shit away and went inside with my buddy and his dad says "smokin a little pot boys" and my buddy says "no I wasent, he was though". I was so pissed that he didn't admit to smoking. So I'm like w/e grab some red rave energy drinks and keep the buds that he bought and dipped. :D Mt buddys parent don't really know he smokes, but it's bitch to just say it was all me and shit. W/E I'm baked so I can't be too mad right now.:smoke:
  2. wow. what a douche. and i doubt his parents believe him anyway, but still. thats ass
  3. Man what a shitfuck, you should beat your friend up.
    Kid sounds like a bitch.
  4. GJ taking his shit. That was a dick move to snitch you out. And you're in Canada for christ's sake, no one gives a shit about weed.

    I would have done the same thing.
  5. lol@shitfuck.
    at least he didnt care at all, and you got some free bud as consulation(sp.) for his snitching.:D
  6. d-bag

    kick his ass
  7. Honestly, i probably wouldn't talk to someone like that ever again.
  8. Give him a nice hard punch next time you see him.
  9. Why is everyone trippin? He jacked the weed and an energy drink. That makes up for it.
  10. Why do you care? His parents can ground your friend and take away his shit, they can't do that to you...
  11. Doesn't sound like a good friend.
  12. ROFL.

    You guys are tripping so hard on this.

    That's great that you don't care, but maybe he was trying to keep it on the DL from his parents?...

    Stop being a d-bag, give your homie his bud back, and grow up.
  13. Uh well, thats not the OPs problem if hes trying to keep it on the DL. He got caught and he shouldve manned up and taken responsibility instead of blaming other people for his problems.

    OP: sounds like the type of kid that would snitch you out to a cop in a second. i would re think smoking tree around your friend.
  14. Its not like his parents are going to freak on you (if they did i would be pissed). Most friends parents just wont want you in there house possibly... He was saving his ass, im pretty sure it would of been worse if he admited. Stop being so harsh, nothing happend to you. And give him his bud back, he wasn't being a douche.
  15. Why is everyone saying kick his ass :(

    sounds like your friend is underage and doesn't want to get introuble.
  16. Similar thing happened to me bro. Smokin up in my buddys garage when his dad comes home. However he ended up hittin a J with us and gave us 2 g's. Crazy shit never would have guessed

  17. couldnt disagree more.
  18. not cool, next time you two are walking behind a hot girl grab her ass and say it was him... no, thats too fucked up i think...
  19. eveybody needs to chill, it was a real life story i wanted to tell ahahahaha
    so take a chill pill and relax
  20. Lol, there's no need to bug on his friend, I think the stolen weed more than makes up for it. I don't really blame him for putting the blame on you that much, my friends and I used to do that shit all the time early in high school so none of us really got in trouble. Parents are never going to start yelling at another person's kid so blaming it on you is the safe way out.

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