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friends dad freaks out on me

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by couchpotato942, May 18, 2010.

  1. Next time you chill at your friends house, make sure his dad is not home and go up to his dads room and piss all over his pillow and bued..:devious:
  2. Geez brah, put a knot in it till you get to the head. Don't be so ete next time!

    I imagine that the majority of people, including myself, that don't agree with what the OP did own or rent their own places...
  3. Maybe you pissed on his car:confused:
  4. his dad must kno what its like to need a piss but too drunk to get to the toilet and safely make it back again...

    go back to his house and say sorry if you disrespected him but there was no need to act like that
  5. Shoulda used the toilet like a civilized person instead of pissing just outside the mans window, it ain't your house.

    Even though he was drunk and over-reacted a little bit, I think he wasn't morally incorrect in the way he handled the situation. If I saw you pissing out my window onto my driveway I'd kick you out of my house too.

    Gotta see things from his perspective y'know?
  6. no doubt

  7. Hhahahahhahhahah this bit got me, ahahah this is funny, ahhahah im blazed and this hilarious, jhahhaha, ''where you going??.,..stupid!...stupid!!'' ahhahaha said your dad would beat him up...fag move haha
  8. haha yeah "ILL GET MY DADDY ON YOU!"

    but seriously maybe he over reacted by getting hostile but if someone pissed out my window i would probably ask them to leave, not much you can do except never go back unless you get some sort of confirmation from your friend youre allowed to come again, but thats unlikely.
  9. you piss out the window? the fuck???? use a toliet? gatorade bottle???? anything, but why piss outside!:confused:
  10. I would be pretty pissed if some kid was pissing out of my window....
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    Im just wondering why the fuck you would piss out the window. I mean I know it's late.. raining.. and shit but really.. if one of my kids friends was pissing out my fucking window I would be pretty pissed too. I would even probably duff him one in the eye if I didn't like him in the first place. But again, it depends what friend it is. Anyways.. why didn't you just use the fucking bathroom?

    Shit.. if I caught some motherfucker pissing out my window.... damn. Not saying you were wrong because I've done stupid shit like that but to be on the other side of the situation is different. If I were you.. high... smoked some blunts.. playin video games and I had to take a piss I would probably just go to the bathroom but I mean we all do stupid shit so it's all good. Just think if you walking around outside and all of sudden you see fucking a stream of piss coming out of your son's bedroom window?

  12. As long as you didn't piss on the window I don't see why he was so upset. Seriously people, why is pissing outside such a huge deal? If you think he deserves to get his ass kicked for pissing outside a window you have some issues to work out with your therapist.

    You know, bathrooms didn't exist back in the day?
  13. Yeah and people didn't piss out the window. They walked outside and found a tree or an outhouse :rolleyes:

  14. actually in victorian britain people did there pee-pee's and poo-poo's in buckets and threw them out of there windows into the crowded streets below shouting 'gardi lou' as a wonder they got hit with the plague...

    yeh op...not cool...imagine if you were drunk and your sons friend who you let drink in his house is pissing, out his fucking window..what the fuck haha

  15. Yes they were called chamber pots, and people didn't stand there pissing out the window.

    People used to live in caves too so by Fundamental's logic I assume he'll be moving out of his home and finding shelter in the woods or an abandoned mine :laughing:

    Oh and no more Internet. Or electricity.
  16. did you piss on him out the window? that would anger me...
  18. I've had this happen so many times.
    half of the time it's just a "power show"
    they get all bad ass for no reason at all and try to show off to the "company"
    older people need to grow up LIKE seriously. lol

    but you sure you didn't piss on him?
  19. :laughing:

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