friends dad freaks out on me

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  1. so i was just chillin at my friends house like we always do, smokin some blunts playing video know, and all throughout the night his oarents had been visiting us more than often in the den..

    so i had to pee and normally this late its ok to just piss out the widnow onto the driveway..especially bc it was raining, so i took a piss and after i was done i notice my friends dad just walking around outside in the rain, presumably drunk..i kinda sketched but didnt think it was a huge deal bc they normally dont care

    he comes upstairs, tels my friend to grab his keys and bring me the fuck home..starts telling me im never welcome there again and to get the fuck out of his hosue, threatening to kickmy ass if i ever returned back.

    i simply stood up, grabbed most of my shit(i forgot my wallet and class ring, fuck) and started walkin down the stairs..he then proceeds to yell and scream about whooping my ass so i turned round and told him i ws just leaving, and he was being unreasonable and unnecessary.

    he then followed me outside yelling even more..i just walked up the road to get as far away as i could, then he started calling me a douchebag pothead who has nor espect for anyone and started taunting me and shit like "where you going?? stupid! stupid!"

    to a point, i could not take it anymore..i flipped out at hime in the middle of theneighberhood telling him to come kick my ass if hes such a badass and come to my house motherfucker my dad will whoop ur ass and all this shit

    then i got into my friends car and got driven home..what should i do exactly?

    btw im 19, kinda skinny he woulda whooped my ass
  2. Okay, kinda confused. Was he pissed because he saw you pissing out the window? Was he angry drunk or what? What kind of bud were you smoking in the blunts?
  3. why do people like that have kids?

    thats so sad....and weird..
  4. how would ur dad react to ur friends peeing out ur window.......
  5. he said it was because i pissed out of HIS window, and HIS shit..the only thing is they know we've done that before when we've been drinking and have never said shit.there two sons do it all the time too..and yes im pretty sure he was drunk
  6. my dad would never threaten to beat my friends asses and tell them to get the fuck out of their hosue, then follow them out onto the road taunting them and trying to start something
  7. oh, and it was just decent mids lol, good question tho
  8. I find it hilarious that you piss out the window.
  9. Do you live in a cave? If I had some kid pissing out my window I'd chop his dick off.
  10. id be willing to bet big money that he was drunk. people do fucked up things on alcohol
  11. This has nothing to do with the OP himself, but I need to get this out, haha.

    Hehe, when I was 12, I used to piss out my 2nd story window. One time, I heard a dude yell, "HEY!". I stopped real quick.

    I also used to piss in my garbage can back then. Ahah sick!!

    And then one time when I was like 17, I went to my boys house who lived in a high-rise. He was on the top floor.

    I got on the elevator (going down), and I pissed in the elevator (I was fucked up). When the door opened (I was done), this older black dude was going on. He goes in and yells, "Hey you!!!! Get back here!!"

    I ran like the dickens!!

    Ok, haha. I feel better now.

    As far as the OP is concerned, I would just piss in your father's friend's car.
  12. What? No toilet?
  13. Id be pretty mad if someone was pissing out of a window of my house... Seriously why not use the bathroom
  14. i have a friend,,well sorta a friend that ive seen due something similar like pissing out the door at peoples houses ....kinda incosiderant dont you think?!? good way to get put on the pp touchers list too douche b,,,,,grow up and piss in the toilet ,,,,uh hi dad im in jail,,,what for son???,,,,indecent exposure while pissing out the window mean if you gotta go and your desperate i can see finding a place to go sorta private, but out a window???? i would of kicked you right in the nuts if it was my house,,,lol:D
  15. You probably pissed on him. drip drip drip
  16. funny story. i pissed out of a 3 decker from the second floor out of a window. and i didnt know the downstars people were out side. turns out i pissed into a sunroof. i must have good aim. but the downstars people tought it was funny because no one like the 3rd floor tendents. so they came up stairs and smoked wit me. idk i thought it was funny
  17. you piss out my window , im gonna punch you
  18. lmao i piss out my window sometimes when im REALLY stoned and i cant be bothered to go the toilet. mind u my toilet goes to this side passage at the side of my house no one can see.
  19. Perfectly fine reaction to you pissing out the window quite frankly.
  20. lmao, if i pissed out my window into my drive way my dad would do the same thing

    it's called respecting people's property.

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