Friends becoming cops?

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  1. I'm one of those "fuck tha poleece" types.. But even I'm not stubborn enough to say fuck 100% of the cops out there. Some be good, some be bad, blahblahblah. Anyway, it's strange because I hung out with people in highschool and would have never pictured them becoming cops. But a handful of them are in fact becoming police officers. I've even smoked/done other drugs with a handful of them..

    Fuck, one of my best friends is becoming a cop, and I can't say I think any less of him for it. Based off conversation I can understand why he considers it a line of work fit for him.

    Is it strange with your friends/people you've known for a while become cops? Do you think less of them?
  2. No. Essentially if we didn't have cops there would be complete anarachy and no control.

    But fuck dick cops I don't care for them. People say you gotta respect cops, well you gotta give respect to earn it.
  3. No, if anything, I think more of them. My grandfather was a cop. My uncle recently became one too. It's not easy.

    99% of a police officers job doesn't involve busting a little stoner punk. Cops have to deal with pretty crazy shit and they often put themselves at great risk.

    I don't know why the hell I would think less of a friend or family member who got a career as a police officer.
  4. This is a slippery slope.

    But just FYI, being a cop is not even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the USA.
  5. yeah truth is most tokers just want to be left alone by cops not really hate them
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    I dont' give a shit, I sure as hell wouldn't do it. Nor did I say it was one of the most dangerous jobs. I can think of a bunch that are pretty dangerous myself.

  7. Agreed, fuck becoming a cop. Have you seen disorderly conduct cops get fucked up in that
  8. Yeah chances are they'd be packing weapons more powerful than mine
  9. There are some great cops out there, but cops get a bad rep because of the dickhead ones who abuse their power. Just like any job with power, its all about the person who has it..and a lot have that sense of entitlement. What makes the situation different with cops is its a much larger scale than being a lets say..manager at a store. I kinda look at it as you can take a pittbull and a poodle who have the same mentality...both just as mean...however a poodle can't kill you when it gets set off. lol
  10. One of my friends that I took out jetskiing when we were in high school became a cop. I didn't charge him for gas or anything for going out and riding one of my jetskiis, he said I owe you one. Didn't think much of it and one day my friend gets pulled over when we were on a blunt cruise and sure enough it was this dude, he let us go after he saw me. Legit ass cop friend
  11. Of all the occupations I'd want my friends to have, being a cop is first among them. Talk about friends with benefits.
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    But you see - this is the problem.

    Now, I think it's cool a shit that you got let go - don't get me wrong.

    But this is the bullshit - let people you know go as a favor, but bust someone who you DON'T KNOW. This is abuse of power, and it's fucking HORSESHIT.

    Like I said - I'm happy for you that you got away, but do you see what I'm saying?

    I heard a little story a few years ago about some chick who was with her friends (she was probably in her early 20's). They were driving and had hard drugs on them. They got into a fucking accident and the first responding cop knew that she was a cop's daughter. So he told them to get rid of their shit before the rest of the cops come.

    Fucking pigs. Sorry. I have NO respect for cops for more reasons than one. I've been set up (with SEEDS! - and of course got busted - and I was never a menace to society!!), harassed, beaten - and I'm a peaceful man.

    Sorry to you folks who have cops in your family. It's a dirty fucking job and if someone still wants to be one after knowing the bullshit they're signing on for, then fuck 'em in my book.

    They've given me nothing but problems. I've always been compliant - never resisted once. But I never got a single break. Never let go - never a lesser charge.

  13. I know a few people who want to do border security, no cops though. Most of my stoner friends don't respect them either because we've all been fucked over more than once. Like come on, do something useful, how much harm can kids smoking weed cause?
  14. This reminds me of Kelso from That's 70's show

  15. But that's abuse of power for good not for bad. There's nothing wrong with cutting a friend a break about a less serious crime, shit we would all do it if we were cops, you look out for your friends and family. Shielding a double homicide or a massive meth lab for a friend of a friend is a little different though obviously
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    a good friend of mine from HS became a cop, I dont hate him for it, but the lifestyle I live...I just cant have it...I had to cut all ties, was a real cool dude...still probably is, but it definitley ended our friendship. At that point, the pros of cutting ties greatly outweighed the cons. At what point would he turn me in for a promotion? I dont know, hopefully he wouldnt, but I wasnt about to find out either
  17. One of my friends is going to CHP academy and another is becomming a correctional officer, does it mean i'll abandon ties, maybe. But until i see some changes in them, we'll still be homies. Both of them don't smoke, but they used to and don't care if the rest of the bruhs do, but i can definitely see the training molding them into the kind of cops we all hated as teenagers.
  18. My friend from high school is becoming a cop. Going to the academy and everything. So evrytime he's over and were having a session I always blow that shit in his face! Cause he wont hit it.
  19. Well at least you have an advantage. If he is your best friend, then imagine the perks you'll get. You'll discover the inside workings of the police. And if you were to get pulled over, "Yeah, my best friend is a cop, you've probably heard of him his name is blah blah".

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