friends and time?

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Nov 19, 2001.

  1. high guys i just woke up this is the frist time in three days i dont have skull pain tongiht,before i fell a sleep i prayed fore death! the pain is far more than anyone should live threw i grind my teeth so hard i broke two of them my shaw is sore and my neck is stiff,i had the shakes for 5 yours ,they start slow and took over!my hole body loses its feelying in nerver shock ,i am happy i can type at all ,i am have to corect half of what i am typeing ,its time like this i pray to god and mean it!my friend bad toad went and told my wife she left work for and got me a oz 6 fingers like the old days my other friend knew what was happening and had set some kickass in a bag a side for me! she droped it off and was crying when she had to go back to work i just called her and she was happy to hear it let up!weed may be something to party with for most of you here and thats fine with tazz but it was the only thing between me and death to night!, i fell the pain comeing back and its not bad yet so i wanted to let my friends know i am realy in a fight for my life and how much i care for you all! i smoked one 5 mins ago and i am good for now but i am just waiting for the next time!if it dosent go well or i dont come back one of these time i want my friends here to know you are my family and i love you all! your some of the finist people i have ever met! some of you have made me laugh, some have made me cry,at this time my only way from the pain is sleeping pills for three days at a time i dont want to go back to it! i mis my life and love ones i lose my friends and lack the well to go on! it so hard to think some like me with a true love for life longs for death! i know not how long i can take this but i know i well not give up with out a all out war with my pain ,it takes me day by day at times .i am sorry you dont want to hear me when am suffering but i cant help it i mis you and its the frist time in three days i can think clear i tryed to post some but that aint tazz i am!the stain on my eyes is to much right now latter and i ll burn one for ya guys!
  2. Dude what the fuck is going on why doesn't someone get a fucking doctor for this guy or some shit? Where the hell are you and why aren't you seeking medical attention/ wearing a mouth guard at least so that you don't grind through your teeth? I mean if you are breaking teeth why not get the mouth guard is all I'm saying, also WTF are you coming down from heroin or crack or some shit?!?

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