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  1. hey all i have a crazy story to tell, here it goes.
    i was at my friends b-day party with 2 kegs and a ton of hard shit. so any way i don't really drink but last night i let loose i had 2 half Dixie cups of vodka and 3 half full cups of coconut rum. i also had about 6 or 7 beers and i smoked 4 joints and got soooo fucked up. by the end of the party there was this fat guy and he was falling all over people and he fall on my bro and so my bro pushes him and says don't do it again. and this fat guys slaps my bro in the face, mind u i was standing like two feet from him telling him to chill out because the cops got there and where yelling to get the fuck out. and next thing i know i see my bro's fist connect sooo hard with this fat shit's temple. i saw him get socked and he just stood there and all hell broke looes every one started to throw punches left and right some bro kid ran from the side and power punched me squer in the chin and i got knocked the fuck out all i saw was white and next thing i know i come too up stairs and i see a cop go up and say "everybody, ..get the fuck out" so i ditched my my hafl joint in this couch i was sitting on then as i got out of the house i passed out and just remember getting helped up to my bed. and now my jaw hurts sooo bad lol. i remeber the guy who knocked my out started to get on top of me and make poses for his friends to take pics and this one guy said "this shit is gonna be all over myspace!!" but if some one is pussy enuff to sucker punch a guy just chillen with a beer in hand and take pride in that is byond me. and pluse if my pic is on myspace i can sue and be set for life! i don't really give a shit about all this its just i feel bad because i told my friend that there wouldn't be any fights at her house, but i gusse it was byond my control
  2. Damn that sucks man.
  3. when people get drunk, people tend to get rowdy. thats why i dont drink, im aggressive and alcohol just makes shit worse. but yeah, sucks about you getting hit by some dickhead for no reason. just go on myspace and browse withing 50 miles for all males and you should find him lol. if you need a hand PM me and ill help you out. what a shitty way to end a party.
  4. hahahahahahahah drunk it
  5. haha thanks talon but since we were all drunk i can understand how i was beggen for it lol. and alch masks pain really good cuse my jaw is a lil sore and thats it.
  6. Damn, he's pretty badass for sucker punching you. Wow, go him.


  7. -_-

    I know people who do just that, wait for something to start, then they jump in and beat up random people.
  8. at this party i went to a while back one of the guys whose apt it was asked me if i wanted to do body shots with him...i was like wtf are you kidding me dude...but he was serious lol and a lot bigger than me and im all of what 5 10 maybe 5 11 and like 150 but i still feel i won the fight i actually i got thrashed around a bit but i am in good shape so i put up a good fight at least. The thing was he was drunker than me and slower than me so i figured i could use strategy against him i waited for him to give me a few shots but damn i underestimated him....he was FAST for a bigger dude he gave me some quick jabs to my ribs and well he basically used his weight to win the fight...but i want to fight this guy again i could definitely beat him i think if i was fun though i have to admit fighting really gets your adrenaline pumping i accidentally punched him in the face though lol i need to get better at fighting to be doing that shit...i could have gone longer and probably embarassed myself more lol but i stopped the thing because i was getting beat plain and simple oh well at least im not a pussy lol haha....
  9. i don't really like getting hurt much lol, every fucking time i have to eat or yawn i remember the punk ass bitch. at least my bro got some good hard connects before i went down lol. so at least get knoked out is checked off the list of things to do while drunk. now i all i have to do is get laid and aressted and i'll be covered lol.:D

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