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friendly neighborhood drug dealers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cherrygarcia, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, pretty new here and to smoking, started about 6 months ago but because of the school im at now, they random drug test so its been awhile, but I finally have somebody who can pee for me so I've been toking for like the last week straight. Feels so good to be back haha anyway, What do you guys think,
    I no longer had any connections for decent weed so being in NYC I know I can find something decent on the streets, so after a few hours of walking and just asking if anybodys got bud I finally come across a guy. very friendly, talked for quite awhile actually about concerts in the area and such. Bought a bag for $20, was a little skeptical looked ehh smell wasnt too strong. I dont know if it was my non-existant tolerance or what though one hit and Im halfway to the moon. So I give the guy a call again, asked if he'd be around and he said sure, and he was all excited about the G-13 he said he just got. Think he is legit? I mean hes a nice guy and all, but whats the goin rate for it in NYC and how hard is it to find I mean I dont want to get ripped off.

    Basically what I think im trying to ask is whats the chance he's telling the truth that hes got some legit G-13? and what price range am I looking at here?

    sorry if nothing made sense, im 8 miles high and climbing haha:smoke:
  2. If they're calling it g13 it probably at least looks amazing, even if it isn't really that strain. I'd check it out.
  3. I dunno you will have to see how good it is for yourself. If he grows then he is probably telling the truth, if he doesn't grow then he probably isn't. I don't know NYC prices but if it is dank then who cares what it is called?
  4. It seems alright so far! Seems chill.

    By the way...can the thread name be like...a new tv show or something cause that'd be awesome.

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