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    Sup blades

    Here's the deal, last weekend I bought a G and smoked like half of it with a friend and we decided to keep the rest for this weekend. Everything's cool up to here. Today he tells me that there is barely anything left, maybe a bowls worth but that later in the afternoon we'll go to another friend's(I knew him but met him only a couple of times) house and smoke the rest cuz the other friend would pitch in. I agree and we go on with our day(I had class so we planned on meeting afterwards). When I get out I call him and he says he can't hang out cuz he has to go back home cuz his brother needs help with some shit but that we'll hang out tonight and smoke the rest.

    Fuck it I go home, go to gym, eat, watch TV, just kill some time 'till tonight. I go on my PC to check my mail and facebook and the first thing I see on FB is him at the other friends house(he took pics and posted them). I'm like WTF???. Not 10 minutes ago he calls me saying his parents found the weed we bought and that he's grounded for tonight but that tomorow he'll be able to hang out(I think he just smoked it at the other friends house...). I'm like OK??:confused::confused: You owe me 10 bucks??

    Now I know that tomorow he'll smoke me out(cuz I'll make him lol) but I don't know if I should just let this whole crap slide(cuz i won't give a shit if he smokes me out) or if I should confront him about it.
  2. dosnt he owe you 5 cus you smoked half a g and the other half would be 10 so split that and thats 5
  3. na cuz i bought the whole g for 20, didn't make myself clear my bad.
  4. Really its not a big deal. If you went to a restaurant and bought him lunch you would come out the same (money wise). Dont trip over little shit, weed is meant to be shared, but who knows, maybe he uses it to sleep or something.
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    its not that, what im trippin about is that he could've straight up told me that I wasn't welcome at that other dude's house instead of coming with an excuse and shit. maybe im over reacting but whatever we'll see how tomorow goes...
  6. Yea, I mean, maybe he made plans earlier with some dudes and maybe there was a possibility of him getting some pussy (good excuse imo).

    He should have told you the truth, but he was ultimately trying to not hurt you. I have had people do this to me before and it sucks but just put yourself in their shoes.....or if he did smoke that weed up, then it would be pretty stupid for him to show up empty handed.

    Make sure that you let him know that he shouldn't be able to get away with it though otherwise he will just do it again. Maybe lie to him and say how you found some random dude and bought some purple kush off of him and you all smoked like 5 blunts. Perhaps that will make him reconsider next time. Or tell him that you wish he was there, no homo

  7. LOL thats a good one i might just tell him a story like that
  8. don't let it slide, let him slide. A "friend" who lies to you about stupid shit like that isn't a "friend".
  9. Yeah I have to say I'd be pissed off too.
    I am always disappointed when a friend has claimed to be busy, too tired, doing something etc, and then I later find out (usually through their own inconsistency) that this has been's like, representative of people these days having some kind of problem being straightforward and it's just annoying, more than anything...I'm not an overbearing or jealous person, and this kind of shit says that I'm being perceived that way to me...which yeah, I would hope my friends would know better than.
    Plans are plans, and personally I find it insulting if "something better comes up" that's a reason for cancellation, even more so to find out that I was lied to at the same time.
    In all honesty, good friends, they just don't do this shit.
    The instance described here IMO is a clear case of "I told some other guy I had weed, he said come over and make an excuse", and then doing just that, and being stupid enough to assume that they won't get caught out when they post shit online.

    My current group of friends is a little more reliable and somewhat smaller than weed the bad ones out...they say people change, and sure, people CAN change, but more often than not, they don't.
  10. yep sounds like a good plan to me.
    plus it wasn't like he was gonna go see some pussy, just another male friend...
  11. Woah woah woah, why did you pay for a gram then tell him to hold it?

    Ps. You have made like 12 threads in like a day lol
  12. yeah why the FUCK would you ever give him YOUR dank bud....maybe if it was mids itd be cool but way anyone but me is touching tht shit...especially if u only get a gram..This really goes back to you kinda...if you hadnt let him hold your shit.You would be the one getting high and this would have never happened...
  13. Tell him your not gonna smoke him up and if you do your holding on to it...and yeh sounds like the shit what happens where i live lol and this happened alot of times when i was young. (but not weed wise).
  14. cuz I trust my friends which i don't consider him being one anymore. but its all good he bought a g and we smoked it together. i smoked like 3/4 of it cuz i rolled a g blunt and smoked for sure more than half of it. after that i stopped hanging out with him. he was seriously getting on my nerves anyway

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