Friend Threatened Me

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  1. Well I have this friend gerald and he is 16. He seems to have anger issues or be Bi polar or something I dont know. Well I played a prank on him. It was the you have something on your shirt joke. This douche decides to get angry while I'm just laughing at the joke not him and proceeds to grab by my damn throat. He told me to never touch him again. I lost my cool and and grabbed his wrist and tell him to get his fucking hand of my throat. I then till him to get over himself and to fix up his stupid issues what a dick. Just venting..
  3. Sounds like you need to settle the feud with a knife fight. 
  4. Basic 16 yr old kid?  :devious:
  5. Are you also 16??

  6. sounds like a 16 year old issue
  7. 16 year old issue this is
  8. someones expecting their first pube :yay:
  9. Are you a pedo?
  10. Well, you sort of had it coming OP.
  11. Stop hangin out with Gerald bro.
  12. Challenge him to a duel

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  13. Dude. Fuckin hit him! Haha

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  14. Did you do this infront of other people? Maybe he got pissed at you for humiliation?
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    Agree with above.

    I remember setting a cracker thing off in some lads ear@ school.

    He was talking to a few girls and got a fright. He then duly punched me in the face lol

    Unfortunately for him my brother seen it and hit him with a barrage of punches haha
  16. Yo Arnold don't beat up on Gerald you guys are homies
  17. Dont let him intimidate you, if he wants a fight give him one, unless you dont think you can beat him.
  18. Buy him a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates and kiss and make up.
  19. The way I write projects that I'm underage. No I'm not intimidated by him at all I'm just angry he had the audacity to react in such a manner. Besides he is a yougin. He needs guidance in his life but fuck him now he can become the alcoholic that he wants to be. What the fuck do I care.

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