friend of mine was drug tested at school

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  1. he was drug tested on the grounds that he was being an asshole, im sure they put it differently though.

    they said if it turns out positive theyd take further legal action or some shit

    what the fuck is going on nowadays when i went to that school i was never tested

    that isnt ground to be tested so can they really take further legal action by raiding his home?

  2. They can`t raid his home on the results of a drug test. They need to get a judge signed warrant to invade somebody`s home, and no judge is going to give the ok just for a dirty piss test.

    The school is just trying to act tough on drugs, the school doesn`t even have the right to drug test him.

    It pisses me off when schools try to bully their students into drug tests and shit that they dont have to take.
  3. that shit is gay as hell happened to me too...easy to get out of though. He just has to make sure to tell the principal, or whoever is behind it that straight up he is gonna fail the drug test because he smoked over the weekend. You can then tell the principal, administrator, or whoever that they aren;t your guardian and cannot control your private life. They will really back off after this as to not avoid any legal trouble themselves, they dont have the time to waste on stupid cases like these
  4. "somebody drugged me with a special brownie"
  5. the school could still expel him for being on drugs

    this is a stupid thing though, nothing is going to happen

    and cant your friend just REFUSE the test in the first place?
  6. Shoulda said "No" the test....not drugs.
  7. all you gotta say is no.
    you gotta play theyre game man.
    your friend-"im clean"
    school-"if your clean why dont you let us test you?"

    your friend-"for that exact reason....because I am clean"

    then they pause and think of what to say and your friend says "end of discussion im outta here"

    and he puts his shades on and walks out the door like a fucking boss
  8. lmao that was funny :)
    walks to a convertible and jumps over the door into the passenger seat next to a hot blonde and they take off into the sunset......sorry im stoned :)
  9. as a Senior in high school last year, my school had just started a drug test system for people that are involved in athletics... they make you sign this form at the beginning of the year for random testing and they do it like once a month to 30 kids... if you get a positive test they call your parents and you have to go to counseling and get suspended for like 30 days from school and athletics. Straight bullshit lol
  10. The school can only "make" you take a drug test if it's a private school.

    Your friend was bullied into taking it if it's a public school... He fucked up. Shoulda said suck my fucking dick and walk out... Granted, he would of been suspended for telling the principal to suck his dick...

    But it would of made for a great story when he got older :cool:
  11. while getting road head

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