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Friend left harvest to go to mold, any use?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jrhmiami, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. My hydro white widow, half the harvest was left open in a cardboard box, since i was not aroud at time of harvest, it has all become pretty moldy and smells, lets say, wrong. Can i possibly use it to make hash? maybe run the alcohol through it that way, or will the mold always contaminate it?
  2. The purist would say its worthless and it should be destroyed, and they are probably right ...... but just between you and me, I'd go ahead and Iso wash it and smoke it anyway.

    I'd be careful about letting a med user sample the hash, but after a few decades of toking mexi and questionable mids, I'm sure I've smoked tons of mold and don't appear to be too much worse for it.

    Sucks about the slacker friends though. Tis' a shame to waste trichomes.
  3. Uh, I'd go for iso hash. Maybe the rubbing alcohol would kill the mold?
  4. no...throw it away.
  5. why risk it you cant be 100 % sure the iso wont extract shit from the mold too i say no sux to waste weed but shoulda thought about that b4 it got moldy ehh
  6. am i the only one who thought of this? fuck the hash... the mold will always be in whatever you do with it plain and simple. your best bet is to NOT smoke it and get the mold in your lungs, but rather bake it into some brownies/butter and let your stomach acid deal with that shit, it may taste bad but its probably about 20x better for you... just my own 2 cents chime in if im wrong :)
  7. simple answer is no just no never no way no how dont do it man mold is the enemy mold can fuck yo shit upp
  8. here is what i would do.

    finely grind the entire moldy mess
    put in jars with the highest proof iso you can find
    let it sit for a good half hour (this is going to pull out alot of pigment and give a lower quality hash, but it will forcefully sodomize any mold)

    make sure you use a fine coffee filter to get all the shit out of your iso, then dry as you normally would.

  9. 2nded.

    if you have to do ANYTHING with it, let it sit in something that you know will kill the moldy beasts
  10. make iso, if your gonna throw it away mail it to me ill do it!
  11. Shit man, your whole harvest? Thats weak, how bad's the damage?
  12. Mold can cause incurable lung damage. Toss that shit out!
  13. eat it. or bake with it i thnik cause when theres mold on like bread sometiems my parents eat it lol... sounds nasty but its harmless. dont smoke it though.
  14. hmm i would think that eating mold would fuck you up more than smoking it..but im not a mold expert. lol
  15. penicillin is bread mold....
  16. wouldn't baking it automatically kill the mold? or maybe vaping it would not heat it up enough for the mold to become airborn and only thc would release? Don't take my word for it though
  17. smoking it directly will fuck up your lungs. if you make iso hash is should be fine. rubbing alcohol kills ALL bacteria. ever wonder why they give u an alocohol swab on your wrist right before a shot? its because it cleans it instantly. iso hash from mouldy bud will be fine. making brownies i dont know really.
  18. The wrong kind of mold can KILL YOU.

    Living is more important than being high.

    Remember weed is for life enhancement. You cant enhance whats not there.

    Think about it man........
  19. just for letting the harvest goto waste, you should have your friend smoke the whole batch. his fault his risk. otherwise i wouldnt mess with it, mold is a evil bastard.
  20. Step 1. Make ISO
    Step 2. Bake with ISO hash.


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