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  1. Alright since like before elementary school i've always chilled with my one friend, his name is Mike. For like the last past two years me and him would toke up every day and just plain chill and it was always fun.(I even rolled with the dude for both of our first times)

    But lately he quit smoking because he says that he's felt a pressure on his heart and can feel his heart beat and had a feeling like "he was going to die." Now its so lame to hang out with him because he thinks that he's gonna have a crazy reaction to weed even though he smoked for like two years straight without any reactions and he rolled without any negative side effects.

    I asked him if he's even gonna do anything ever again and he says he'll just drink(which is so lame because drinking is so much worse than you than smoking and I'm not really a huge drinker) He even went to a doctor to see whats up and they said it was just anxiety. The reason i'm posting is does anyone know of a way I could convince him that toking is completely safe and theres no reason to freak out?
  2. I think he's just gonna have to figure it out on his own
  3. If his doctor can't convince him, I don't think anyone can. Alcohol would help with his anxiety so he wouldn't feel that while drunk. Smoking does cause anxiety for some people.
  4. if chilling with him is 'lame' now that he doesn't smoke... that's just sad tbh
    if ganja is holding together a friendship it's not really a friendship..
  5. Nah dude i was friends with him before we smoked and I'm gonna be friends after, its just that I dont really do all that much except for smoke so its just kinda boring haha
  6. shiiiiiiiiit, only smoking is kind of a fail in my book,
    no offence because I'm sure you're a chill dude but you should have other shit going on in your life.
  7. I mean I'm in school and shit and my grades are straight (~3.7GPA) its just that I dont really have any other activities
  8. word, sports are becoming less fun to me as i get older like i'm a senior now and i dropped 2 sports and only play tennis
    but playing at least 1 sports legit
    and a job is pretty needed in highschool
    but yeah i mean if you two are really good friends it's not like just because he doesn't smoke you won't be friends.
  9. Yeah I've been trying to get a job awhile, I live in a college town so once there back its hard. I applied like 30+ places and didn't even get a call back its ridiculous.
  10. damn dude that sucks,
    I got offered a job a year after I applied hahah so I got lucky since the college kids went AWAY to college so shit opened up
    good luck with finding a job tho
  11. mind tricks. i had the exact same situation with a friend except i smoke around him wether he likes it or not so it wasnt a big deal to still kick it. hes recently started smoking again and says it was just his mind playing with him. said it still happens every once and a while but for the most part he just had to get over thinking it was permanent.

    i've felt my heart beating hard when smoking before. its just when im really really really stoned.
  12. Yeah he doesn't really give a shit that I smoke or anything its just that i miss smokin with him and shit ya know? Its not even like he went from like a low level smoker to nothing either. He would smoke blunts all day with me and now he won't smoke anything at all
  13. fuck him ill be your new friend lets go smoke
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    People grow up. This happens to a lot of people and a lot of my friends. Its also happened to me. As people grow older, pot just isnt worth it to them anymore, and they gain more negative side effects from it.

    You're friend isnt lame. It causes him anxiety man, which most likely means he's experiencing panic attacks. Panic attacks are one of the worst experiences that can happen to a person psychologically.

    You need to give him a break, understand what he's going through, and support whatever he does.
  15. I just don't understand how it all of the sudden caused anxiety even though he had been smoking everyday for over a year. Also his doctor said that if we would've lived in a state that MMJ is legal then he would've been prescribed it so I don't think the doctor even believed that the weed caused it, Mike has just convinced himself that it has so I'm thinking that he's mentally making himself have these feelings.
  16. It happens to a lot of people. Its not a rare thing for this to happen. Ganja produces anxiety in some people. Even if they have been smoking for years, anxiety can appear during any moment, and can persist from that moment forward. He most likely did not just instantly start feeling anxiety, it probably slowly escalated until he couldn't take it any more.

    You should feel sympathetic for his situation man. He probably still wants to smoke pot, but he just can't man, it causes more negative effects than positive effects on him now
  17. Why does it matter if he smokes or not? :confused:

    Sure, you smoke and it's a common activity of yours. But you can't just hang out with him without him smoking?

    Can't you just hang out and do whatever, while you smoke if you want to and he doesn't if he doesn't want to?

    Get out and do some actual activities instead of focusing your friendships around smoking. Go for a hike, explore a new place, smoke it you want to and respect that he would rather not. :confused_2:

    I'm not understanding the problem...
  18. Looks like "Mike" has moved on.

    Lots of people smoke for a period of their life, not the whole life.

    It isn't for everyone.
  19. dont push him to smoke man, thats not bein a good friend. He has a legit medical condition(anxietys a bitch). Dont be a DICK and keep on trying to get him to smoke.
  20. just let him be

    maybe he just sorta wants to stop smoking as much, maybe he's growing out of it

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