Friend Is Faking Being High?

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    I'm new to the forum, daily smoker etc etc.My friend has just started smoking. I mean he only smokes when he's around me which is about every two weeks. Whenever he "gets high" he has some VERY bizarre and incredibly annoying symptoms:
    -He sways back and forth. If he's sitting down or laying down he's rolls around. He acts like he has absolutely no control over his movements. 
    -He says he "can't feel anything"in his arms or legs. He'll be driving (I make him wait AT LEAST two hours after we smoke to drive) and tell me he can't feel his legs on the pedals while he is driving just fine. 
    -He says "everyone knows" if we have just smoked and we're in public. Which I do understand that to an EXTENT. I don't like to speak to any employees anywhere or anyone I know who is not high when I am high. HOWEVER, he uses it as a bragging thing. Telling everyone that he's "so high" via text message or tracks people down to tell them in person. 
    -He forgets going places and getting places. Like we'll walk up the stairs and be the top of the stairs and he'll be like "I don't remember walking up here"
    -He gets a bizarre tick in his face where he starts clicking his tongue (this pisses me off the MOST) 
    -He'll drop things and slam them down. He's dropped my glass pieces "while high" on the grass. 
    -He says things that dont make sense at ALL. Like he is tripping and hallucinating.
    This week he and I bought sage to smoke because I was running out of bud so we used it as filler. We smoked ONE bowl of weed and sage. Each of us got two hits. As an experiment for the next few bowls I packed only sage. He was under the impression that there was a small amount of weed in each bowl. Kind of mean I know, but I wanted to see what he did. By the end of the session he was of course doing all of the things that I listed above. I asked him how high he was was on a scale of 1-10 and he just stopped and said "I'm at least a nine." I told him I wasn't high. I continued to let him act high. I wasn't about to call him out on it. 
    I can't really get high with him because I require a lot more to get high and the more I smoke the more he'll want and the worse his behavior becomes. I HATE wasting my weed on him. (he doesn't buy for himself) 
    So the symptoms I listed are they at ALL possible how weed effects him? I mean AT ALL? or he is just faking the whole thing.
    My tolerance is much higher than his but when I'm high i can do anything. I can do homework, I can read, I can cook, I can talk to my parents, I can do housework. But I mostly just sit and watch tv or cook. 
    Is his low tolerance what is causing this? What can I do? Should I point it out to him? I suppose I should just stop smoking with him.
    How you ever had a friend like this? 
    How did you deal with it? 
    PS I definetly think that smoking things like sage is pointless and stupid but I'd much rather have him smoke that than smoke the weed that I paid for. 

  2. I know some of those symptoms can happen but its weird that they all happen. With the sage thing its very possible that he simply experienced the placebo effect which can be very powerful. (If you don't no what this is it is when someone thinks they have taken something so their body mimicks the effects of what they think they have taken). However that said it does kinda seem likes hes faking it. Look at it from his perspective- he's smoking all his friends (your) weed and if he doesnt feel that different (which a lot of people including me dont for the first couple of times + some people think that weed makes you do that kinda shit so when they get high they just do it) then he could be faking so it doesnt seem like your wasting your money on him. He probably doesnt want to stop cuz he thinks its cool or wants to fit it.
    If I were you I would subtly tell him that hes annoying- maybe say its really annoying when people go crazy and do weird shit when they smoke weed. Then the next time you get high he wont think its cool or necessary to act like that so he wont...
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    Welcome to the City. Just watch who you hang around when getting high. I, myself, hate smoking with immature people who act like little kids. It's cool to laugh and joke around but there are certain times for that. Just talk to him about the stuff he does and tell him to chill out, and if he doesn't take you serious, don't toke with him no more. He'll get the point then.
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    First let me say Welcome to GC..and Holy Shit! no I've never had a person ack this way ? sounds like he needs you and a couple people to call him on his shit or bounce him to the "used to know list".As far as the sage I would never tell someone what they can and can't put in there body but damn that can't be good for u? Just sounds like he's a attention  seeker? But I don't know him like you do.Don't waste your Bud and your high on him if he doesn't switch it up after you've talked.And Bump^^ to Masta MG I do think some first time people expect a lot of weird things to happen when you use cannabis.
  5. You don't always have to smoke with him, smoke before y'all chill or after. If you really don't like it, just surround yourself with other people, there's trillions of people in this world, don't limit yourself to only a few.
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    You get in the car with this person behind the wheel? You must be high....
    Oh, welcome to the City.....
  7. Sounds like he's exaggerating to get attention from you and anybody he knows that doesn't know he smokes yet. Sounds annoying honestly and I would have called him out on it already. I know people with low tolerances but all they do is chill and lay back on the bed and occasionally laugh or trip. Nothing like what you just expained OP.
  8. Wow he sounds very childish.  Is he even 18?
  9. I had a friend who pretended to be high and ran into a store and RKO'd a mannequin.

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  10. I would just be like you act like a dickhead when your high... Me and my friends would just come out and say it.
  11. I did this the very 1st time i smoked, i was 13. Just tell him to stop acting like an idiot, he'll stop trust me. I remember what my friend told me, "Stop acting like a fucking idiot or i'll fucking beat the shit out of you" It was tough love i guess. I wish i had some weed right about now.
  12. I acted pretty damn stupid when I started smoking weed. My advice, get some more people in on the session. Someone's bound to tell him to calm down and he'll learn pretty quick. Can't say that shit one on one or it makes the whole interaction awkward. Glad I have friends that sorted out my retarded behaviour pretty quickly. Weed can make one think that basically any way of acting is ok because you think it might just be a symptom of taking the drug.
    I can give you a long list of the dumb stuff I did when I started smoking. He'll grow out of it for sure.
  13. maybe he has issues and he's just looking for an excuse to lose control
  14. I have one friend who does that legitimately, he just has a really low tolerance cause he is really underweight. I hate being high with him because he gets touchy, and make annoying immature noises and it makes me feel uncomfortable. We all tell him to stop and he acts almost drunk in front of us, and it is really awkward, and makes smoking with him ridiculous. 
  15. One of my friends used to be like that, and he's my very best friend to this day. He'd sway back and forth like you said, just act all around weird, but never crazy or anything... 
    It happens man. Just let him be, maybe tell him to try to calm down a little.
    That's the usual case. So it does seem like OP's friend is exaggerating it.

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