friend got shot in the head

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  1. Well he's not really my friend, more of an acquaintance. Anyway, he was in an area thats not even like a bad area (it was actually a car wash) buying a harder drug, and while he was waiting for his dealer to come these 3 black guys came up to his car and told him to give them his money. He just said "fuck you i'm not giving you shit" and went to start his car to leave, and for some reason his car didnt start and one of them pulled out a gun and shot him in the head and then they just ran away without getting any money. He was still conscious so he held a tshirt to his wound and drove over to a gas station and went in and said "i need help" and then just collapsed on the ground.

    He's alright now, out of the hospital and everything, but i mean why the hell would you shoot someone and not rob them. Isnt that the point of pulling a gun on somebody to rob them? So if they dont give you their shit you shoot them and then take their shit?

    I dunno, this thug gangster shit is getting out of hand these days.
  2. I hope they burn in hell for that shit.
  3. so wait, he survived?
    that's crazy.
  4. Shit, lucky motherfucker to survive a gunshot to the head.
  5. yah man pistolevania is gettin crazyyyyy Killadelphia mann im a little ass white boy in west philly coppin bud off gang turf it was crazy especially cause they thought i tryd to get over on them and like 10 young ass black kids came out of no were i didnt even see them come out of the shadows or anything and surrounded me and my brother so fuckinnnn nuts.
  6. Yea this wasn't even in Philly though, it was outside in a little town thats like mixed race, not just all blacks or whites, sort of a suburban area. If someone pulled a gun on me where he was at i would have done the same thing and thought "these little punks arent gonna pull the trigger"

    I guess you really cant be too sure about people these days. You'd think they woulda fired a warning shot into his leg or something before trying to kill him, that would have been the best way to change his mind instead of shooting to kill.

  7. Sounds like it could have been gang initiation. Were they baby g's or older?

    If they didn't take the money, could have been gang initiation, figuring they wouldn't get caught as easily in that area.
  8. Dude, that's fuckin' retarded.


    I'll be sending good vibes towards your friend in recovery.

  9. Thats fucked up man, sorry to hear that
  10. I don't know how old these dudes were. I didn't get all the details, one of my friends just told me about it today.

    And like i said it wasnt a gang area, so i dont think it was gang initiation, although who knows other than the dudes who shot him.
  11. if i was there...

    if it was me...


    niicas need to stop acting hard.
    my condolences. but warning shots?
    you watchin too many t.v dramas homie.

    and as for ya boy, guess he thought the paper
    was worth more then his life. like i said niicas need
    to stop ACTING hard, cause this is exactly what'll happen.

    the shooter'll get his sooner or later.
  12. What is a nicca?
  13. He wasn't acting hard, he was in a nice area, not some ghetto. I personally dont know anyone with the balls to shoot someone for the hell of it, and he was probably thinking the same thing. If his car wouldnt have jammed up he woulda been good.

    Then again i could care less if i get shot and killed, they'd be doing me a favor, i'm pretty tired of being here.
  14. thats wack. go smoke a blunt and you'll feel all better.

    :( +:smoking:= :hello:
  15. Ego, thugs rely on respect.
  16. True that.. to bad murder isnt a very respectable thing to do in the eyes of most of society.. stupid thugs. Rap is destroying america!! haha
  17. it was pride man. he told the shooter to fuck off, what was he supposed to do? do nothing and look like a pussy in front of his homies??
  18. Not trying to sound like a badass or anything, but if somebody shot me in the head and I lived, that fucker better hope I forget what he looked like. I think I'd have to kill a motherfucker for that.
  19. Your either very brave or very foolish to try and hunt down someone who you know is packing heat and thinks as much about killling you as buying a pack of cigs.

    IMO some fights are won by retreating.

    As for why he shot your friend, he did it for respect obviously, your friend didn't give him respect, he didn't wanna look like a pussy(which is what he really is) in front of his homies, so he shot him.

    Honestly, fuckin G's like that piss me off, big fucking man waving a gun around, 9/10 times these mofo's are nothing without their weapons, and they think they are the bomb for shooting innocent people and ripping off stores and such.

    Gangs are just a bunch of cowards huddling together to try and feel stronger.:mad::mad::mad: hate gangsters.

    Ok, bad vibes :p I wish your friend best of luck man, swift recovery, i know how he feels somewhat, i just got out of the hospital after major knee surgery, obviously your friend is in a more serious situation, but i understand the feeling.

    My next bowl is for your homie :p :):):) get well
  20. ^and thats why i lvoe you guys. Fuck /b/

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