Friend got severely busted

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  1. I have a friend, we'll call him J, well he's one of the biggest "providers" on our college campus. He's been the go-to guy since freshman year. Great guy, aspiring rapper, talented beat-maker, funny and generous.

    I'm sitting in my room yesterday and I get an IM from him saying he's in a little trouble. "What kind of trouble?" I ask. Turns out some kid he sold to got busted and gave him up. The cops raided his room with dogs and everything. At any given point, J has a half pound and a handful of Oxycontins on the side. Always has bags broken up, so they popped him with intent to distribute.

    On top of that, our campus is just down the street from an elementary school for gifted students. I mean, when you say it out loud it sounds dumb considering most of us know that dealing near a school is bad news, but this is college and damned if anyone's going to let that get in the way of our own good times. So they got him with the school zone thing, too. Needless to say, he's expelled and facing jail time, or so he says. I don't know whether he has a prior record, but I wouldn't be surprised.

    It just sucks so much because it was like an unspoken truth that he was a "provider" and everyone pretty much knew. J summed it up when he said that, yeah, the kid got busted and probably kicked off campus or suspended, but he straight up ruined J's life. Emotions are running pretty high right now, no one really knows what'll come of it quite yet, but what a dick to just rat him out like that.
  2. sorry to hear that man...i FUCKN HATE SNITCHES!!!!!u need to find a new dealer he aint gna be back in the game 4 a while...i had to do over a year of probation and goto court over 5 times cuz stupid ass SNITCHES!!
  3. Yeah that sucks man. Do you know who the kid is that ratted "J" out?
  4. somebody should kick that kid's ass!
  5. what a little bitch. theres no need to give up your dealer. your not gonna get out of trouble. people like that need to get fucked up
  6. Yeah, I know the kid's name. Wouldn't be able to pick him out of a crowd though, don't know what he looks like. He most likely got booted off campus, but if I ever come across him in one of my classes, I'm gonna let him know what's up.
  7. God fucking damned worthless scum-of-the-earth snitches. "J" got fucked over pretty hard, I really feel bad for the guy.
  8. Dude your friend man I am soo sorry but he is facing not just jail but prison and will undoubtedley be going for years. Having a pound broken up no way he can get out of that plus having Oxys 2 omg. Not to mention being in a school zone jesus christ some kid got 2 years in prison just for selling a dime bag in a school zone. Shows the risk just aint worth it but my thoughts are with your friend.
  9. looks at sig....:cool:
    this stuff happens man...its the dope game, you gotta outsmart the DEA and the cops, keeping your stash in a college dorm room, 1 that can be searched at pretty much any given time, doesnt sound like a good idea to me
    looks like its time to find a new provider
  10. That's some serious situation. One should never ever give up any weed dealer. They do a great service to us all. My sincere condolances. And hope the snitch will be effectively "reminded" of just how fucked up giving up a friendly weed dealer is.
  11. This is a private college, they can't search our rooms at any given moment unless we give them a reason to.
  12. well that might be something he could use in his trial? maybe i dont know.
  13. That's fucked up, snitches are bitches. I say you fuck that guy up, show him it's not cool to rat out your dealer. My thoughts are out to your friend.
  14. You should jump the snitch for him. And tell the guy to get a good lawyer, he should drop at least a few thousand on a lawyer.
  15. dont fuck the kid up. just dont fight its not worth it at all. he snitched on some kid for sellin weed, you dont think hes gonna snitch for kickin his ass? so unless you plan on finishing the job, which i hope to god you wouldnt, dont listen to the people sayin to fight him. besides, its not worht puttin someones life in danger, i know its a big deal but physical conflict solves nothing. look at iraq...
  16. I go to a private college and when I lived in the dorms they were still allowed to barge in whenever they wanted. But anyway that sucks man, but he had it comin to him unfortunatly=(...When you get that "big" and everyone knows you, it's only a matter of time before you go down. Best wishes on finding a new provider.
  17. Snitches get stitches.

    God that's fucking awful, man. I dont know the guy, but he sounds like an alright dude. Really heartbreaking to see someone's life completely fucked up over a victimless crime.
  18. "When you get that "big" and everyone knows you, it's only a matter of time before you go down."

    true, but most of the time people get caught....well, college dealers that is, is cause they sell to everybody and their momma...they also usually talk talk talk about it, and have loads of kids coming into and out of their place.... whatever happened to the rules of the dope game? dont give out ya number to random kids, hell, they could be the POlice. serve your crew and and your clientel.
    if your selling to a new guy, leave anything illegal at home and meet the guy, if its a sting op' your serving jail time real quick, before you know it, theres officers all over... its better to not even risk it and meet the guy first, get to know the end he does have the power to fuck you over ( snitch/testify ) personally i like to know who I'm sellin' this big bag of drugs to.
    when the kiddies get busted and give the feds your info ( name, number ) it's over. your cell number then is known for sellin dope, and when a lot of people give out the same info, its obviously bad news.

    if your smart, switch cell phone's, ever make 1 spot hot, and 'really bout it bout it, then you can make great cash and get away with it.
    point being, dont trust any1.
    the shitty part in life is that a snake can be yo best man 1 day and the next, you dead.
  19. Snitches get stiches
  20. OH SHIT!

    i saw that fuckin snitch in a ditch.

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