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Friend Got Ripped Off

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Buffalo Green, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. My friend was supposed to buy 2g off someone for $40.. the kid gave him the bag, my friend gave him $40. He took it home and weighted it out to 0.5g.. he said the bud was really fluffy so it looked like a lot more. He called the dealer and the dealer said "if you think thats not enough bud for $40 you're a fucking idiot."

    My friend doesn't know what to do? This has happened before. Me, the same friend and another friend each put in $20 to buy an eighth from this guy and we only got 2.5g.
  2. Here's a radical thought, don't buy from him
  3. Why would you buy from him again after being ripped off before? You're an idiot for not learning the first time

  4. Thought he wouldn't do it again. We bought from him like ~10 times and hes done it twice now.
  5. Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me
  6. thought he wouldn't... haha

    why wouldn't he take advantage when the opportunity is there

    grow a pair... slap the kid in the face with a smelly fish and demand a refund
  7. Don't buy from that dipshit again. If he keeps treating his customers like that he won't make much money. I wouldn't make a big deal out of it. From what I read in your post he doesn't seem like the type to admit he shorted you and your buddy. I doubt he'd give you a refund or the correct amount of bud either. Just make sure you call him out on his shit and don't contact him again.
  8. Tell him he is the idiot cause he thinks the looks is what you buy, not the weight. Tell him to give you the rest of the bud,bring a scale yourself, or to fuck off and loose a customer.
  9. did you post this the first time too?
  10. Go to his house and shove your paraphernalia up his ass! I mean ehm, beat his ass and steal his paraphernalia. And bud.. Yeah....
  11. Damn .5 for 40 is rape!
  12. I would know instantly if someone tryed to give me .5 for 40$
  13. dealer was right when he said you're a fucking idiot lol but dont buy from him again let it go and learn your lesson

    thats putting it mildly
  14. Buy a scale then weigh your bag infront of him.
  15. Never buy something you didn't see scaled out. It's proper etiquette. My dealer that I've bought off of for over a year always scales it out, because he's professional. If yours isn't, find one that is.
  16. Remember, this was my friend, not me, so I'm not gonna "hit him with a fish..."

    He told my friend he'd give him a free bag when he needed some bud.
  17. You're an idiot if you think .5 could look anything like $40 worth. Now here's how you fix it, don't buy weed from him.
  18. your 'friend' is a fucking moron
  19. I'd say your friend needs some bud right about now, unless you're extremely lightweight.
  20. Tell his parents lol, or threaten to do something if he doesnt refund your money( refund him the weed)

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