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Friend got high off 2nd hand smoke LOL...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Honor Roll, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. so me and my buddy who usually toke together had one of our friends come along who doesnt smoke(never has cause he had pneumonia as a kid before he saw a doctor).

    well we were smoking a blunt of sour d at our favorite park last night.. (sour D aint no joke btw i was gone)

    and i had a corncob pipe also with maybe 1g of crushed up dank in a bag and my buddy filled his pipe and he was so ripped he asked my buddy whoi doesnt smoke to light it up

    well when he lit it up like a cig (it was windy) he said when my pulled the smell of the weed and smoke went up his nose (he was close) and i didnt realize but later i rremembered how he spit and coughed for like 10 min (the guy who doesnt smoke)

    nxt thing i know this guy is touching my mirror in my car and wouldnt stop laughing and im like o_O...i didnt knwo you could get high like that..

    anyone else have experiences like this?
  2. Well the term is called contact high for one. I got a contact high from walking down Venice Beach in California
  3. Yea at college me and my friends were chilling in our stoner room as per usual we would usually have at least 2-3 friends that preach that weed is bad and would purposely come over to lecture us when we are high even though they knew it used to spoil our high. well we usually smoke and cant be arsed with them because its our room right we usually smoke like 8 jays a day on average i think between the four of us who do smoke. we noticed that they would change their mood after like an hour of chilling with us they would be all smiley, tired and hungry :hello: lol they all got high as fuck with out knowing it once and all either knocked out in our room or went home to go to sleep. out of them 4 friends only one doesnt smoke weed now lol

    yea even if they dont smoke it they still can get high from being around you while your smoking
  4. good old contact high's
  5. Corncob for dank...
    Sadface :(
  6. lmfao yes. me and 2 other friends were skipping 3rd period so we went back to his house and this chick came along. we were toking in his garage and she told us to keep it open so she wouldnt inshale it. we forgot to open the garage cause at that time we were already fuckin baked. we look over and see her freaking out haha. shes like IM ALLERGIC TO WEEEED. and starts coughing. and then shes like guys im so hungry but i know im not high make me a fuckin pizzzaa

  7. bang her
  8. Some of my friends are much heavier smokers than me so they usually start smoking before I do, and sometimes they take really mean hits of hash and the cloud the exhale is so huge and everywhere I would sometimes think "Damn this guy's gonna give me a head change from his exhale" :laughing:.
  9. We always called it "Jungle Buzzed". At a party once we were all smoking in the shed and I remember my friend was in their hanging out (doesnt blaze) and he came out an hour or two later with the reddest eyes and giggling like a little girl hahah
  10. HAHAHAH +rep
  11. haha yeah

    we were four of us were hot boxing in a car, and the one dude didn't smoke/

    There was blunt and joint going around, the dude that didn't smoke, he 's like fuck, I'm high as a kite. I'm gonna hit krystals up. It was so funny at the time :smoke:
  12. lmfao that'd be kinda hard considering i'm a girl. i'll try my best though :p
  13. finger bang that hoe
  14. Finger bang bang!

  15. lmfao i will, just for you.
  16. [​IMG]Her
  17. lmfaooo xD
  18. Me and a shit load of friends were all matching eachother one night in the basement, so there was like 10g's of weed going around, probably, and we managed to chong out the entire basement and got my friends mom high, because all the smoke was flowing through the vents into their bedroom.:smoke:

  19. pics or it never happened... haha

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