Friend got caught with my shit

Discussion in 'General' started by BuddhistBrian, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. So I was vaping my pax with my buddy before class in the parking lot today and then he dropped me off. I asked him if it was straight that I leave my pax and grinder in his car while I'm in class and he said it was cool. Of course he got pulled over on the way home and then got fucked with my pax, his bong, and his weed. Do you think that it's justifiable to ask him to buy me a new vape?

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  2. I think thats a grey area, I mean hes the one who has to deal with the state, jail time, fines, always gonna be on his record, etc.
    all your out is a vape.
    my 2cents
  3. fuck no. in your shoes, i would offer to pay the paraphernalia charge.
  4. Hey man you left it there know in it couldbhappen. You gotta suck it up and take a loss

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  5. I'd buy a new one. He already has to pay whatever fines he got.
  6. in you know for sure he actually was busted and lost the pax, or is it a case of claiming he was busted so he could keep or sell the pax...
    be sure of the facts before you decide...easy way, see the ticket, check the court dockets.
  7. No way

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  8. Dude, don't be that guy. He was cool enough to carry your piece, you should be cool enough to at least buy another.

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  9. That shit is on you, you wanted to risk leaving your stuff in someone else's car instead of making sure it was secure in your possession so this wouldnt happen.
    Your friend no doubt got hit with a pricey ticket in which the vaporizer probably contributed to its priceyness, dont be a dick and get another vape.
  10. Stupid question.
  11. Lol that's what I thought.
  12. Are u fucking kidding
  13. The guy is a reckless ass driver and get let off with a misdemeanor and a court date. I saw that it's legit. I feel like he kinda did it to himself.

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  14. Knowing this you probably shouldn't leave drug related things in his car. Or at app if he's driving, think smart

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  15. Now you've just GOT to be kidding me...

    It's your own damned fault OP, stop being such a pussy and take responsibility.
  16. Responsibility? There's no responsibility I can take man. All I did was lose money man, call it what you want. There is no reason to be such a fucking dick about it so quit being a pussy and address what's pissing you off in your life.

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    Why are you getting your panties in a bunch? It's your fault that your shit got confiscated so quit bitching.
  18. Its not just him brother. Everyone here agrees... u're a dick for even thinking these thoughts.

    You asked your bud for a FAVOR by letting you stash your illegal device in his car. He got fucked. You didn't. What else is there to this situation? You are very, very conceited and self-centered man. Think outside your own skull for a bit.

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