Friend got busted

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  1. So recently, my friend, who we'll call Tom, and who goes to college in Virginia got busted for having weed in his and his roommates apartment. They were having a fire drill, RA came in, searched the room (i dont know why) and found about a gram of weed. So then the RA told the cops and Tom had to meet with the administration, who ultimately made him withdraw from college. I thought that would be the end of it, but now he says he has a court date in April over the same thing. Wouldn't being kicked out of college be a big enough punishment? What sort of other punishment could he be facing? This is his first time offense for weed
  2. If it was his first time offense he could probably talk it down to something menial.

    edit: IE) Community service, drug classes, something of that effect.
  3. yea definitely not gonna do any time for a first time weed charge.... but i can't believe they kicked him outta school! that's fucked up as shit, this kid goes and pays probably 15 grand plus to them only to get kicked out for a g? I had a friend at school that got busted with a half in his dorm, and the cops just took it... then again, the cops at my school were notoriously cool. If not what kush said, he'll probably just have to pay a small fine and court fees.

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