friend got busted need help

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  1. ok so my buddy got busted last night/ this morning. he had 5 medium sized plants growing in his closet (similar size to the ones i have).

    basicly what happened was him and his girlfriend got drunk, and while they were drunk 2 guys broke into thier house, tried to jump him and rape his girlfriend. pretty fucked up i know. what ended up happening was my friend kicked one of the guys asses and apparently stabbed the guy trying to rape his girlfriend pretty good because there was blood all over his house. him and his girlfriend were on the verge of passing out when all this went down and he says he blacked out and doesnt remember much more than someone breaking in, a bunch of screaming and fighting, him stabbing someone with a kitchen knife and the 2 guys running out the door. well (i know he fucked up here) he called the cops before getting rid of his plants and when the cops got there they searched his house and of course found them. the pulled them out of the pots and confiscated them, but he said all they said to him was "a narcotics officer will talk to you" and they didnt say much more. they didnt arrest him or give him any tickets over it, they jsut investigated what happened and left.

    so my question is...we live in texas, what could he possibly be facing with 5 plants growing in his closet if the cops chose to pursue it?
  2. I don't know about the laws in Texas, but that is one fucked up scenario. I'm happy that your buddy and his girlfriend are alright. That's the important part.
  3. x2 i would stab somebody too if they were trying to rape my girl especially if i was drunk.
  4. I wouldn't have to be drunk, and he wouldn't even have to try to rape my girlfriend to get 6 rounds of 357 magnum into a guy for breaking into my house. I'm once again with Budmaster, the important part is him and his woman are alright. As for the pot, I'll say it sounds like a dirty cop. I don't think he will hear anything more of it, especially if it's been a day or 2, but he should clear all other evidence out of the house immediately. Paraphenalia, both smoking and growing, as well as keeping clean for the next week or so to let all this blow over. If he doesn't hear any more of it in a week, he's home free, but definitely shouldn't grow again till he changes location. Hope this works out, keeps us posted.
  5. Check Marijuana Law Reform - NORML for MJ laws in each state.

    Since your friend invited the cops in he can't claim illegal search. But if they didn't arrest him it may blow over, depends on the disposition of the police and DA in the particular local jurisdiction you are in more than anything.
  6. that is mad man! im also glad ur friends are sounds like the pigs dont give a shit.hes lucky !im not from america so i cant comment on your laws but the reason i say lucky is-if that happen over here in england he would have been done for growing and also arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and then have to argue it out in court!!! heres a good example 4 ya- this old farmer in a place called suffolk in england was having his house robbed all the time! about 15 times in total! each time the pigs were called and the crime reported and that was it not once did the pigs bring any one in for it nothing fuck all and this poor guy had 2 put up with this for 5yrs or so.then one night he caught some one in his house! so long story short he shot the guy and the pigs busted him for murder and he got life!! in the end the charge was droped to manslaughter and he done 9yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:
  7. he was 68yrs old when he got sent down!!!!:mad:
  8. So what's the Indoor Growing help you seek. Amusing story, but I dont see why you need help?

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