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    Ever since we got home from college this summer my friend "k" has acted terribly different. I was holding onto bud for "m". K asks me to front him a dub cuz he has no money til the next day so he wouldnt be able to smoke later in the night when he gets home (this was at midnight after i just smoked him down on all of the monetary value to my name) :rolleyes:.
    M says no to fronting the dub, so we move on.

    After we part ways i realize a dub is missing.. I have no other explanation for its disappearance (dont have to go into details) so i none-accusingly text k about it. He doesnt respond til the next day when he gives a contradictory story. I continue to question and he keeps making up more and more of what sounds like bullshit. Then he hints to a pre-medidated excuse to get me the $20 later. so i say to him "thats really not cool at all man", especially since i was suppose to return the bud to M already.

    K freaks out starts calling me all sorts of things, getting really angry like its my fault. saying our friendship is over if im gonna accuse him like that (dont really care at this point).

    Now k's always been a man to get his fixes whether it be alcohol, cigs or weed in the 2 years ive been really chill with him. Ive always known hes done an occassional line or 2, but it wasnt til the same night, which I hinted to my oncoming interest in cocaine, when were rapping and he says he snorts coke everyday (wasnt sure if he was serious or not)

    so i gotta ask gc, do i need to be worried? does this sound like typical feigning "cokehead behavior" that ive read about, or am i just being paranoid? Im really worried about this kid. Its almost like he stole the dub and he doesnt even realize why its wrong to do so.

    What am i supposed to do in a situation like this? Me and his little brother is all hes really got around here and i know his bro doesnt have the slightest clue to it.

    I dont wanna hang around this kid if hes gonna be like that but at the same time I dont wanna see one of the few people in my life that ive been able to trust the last few years ruin his life like this. so what do i do here? Appreciate anyone who can help out. thnx

    to sum it up:

    come home from college, friend hints to cocaine use, steals drugs, lies, other negative changes in behavior, how do i help him?
  2. There's a reason why people say "Never trust a junkie".

    Sounds like you need to have a long talk with your friend.
  3. You need to set your boy straight. Be prepared to bitch slap him hard, rick james style, if he gets out of line.

    Coke everyday = bad for the ol toxicity and brain chemistry. He should just loadanotherbowl.
  4. yea sounds like your friend has a problem.
  5. okay so hes fucked. only thing i can do is talk to him? i feel like hes just gonna freak out if i do that. kid has a real bad temper. thats what all that drinking does...
  6. He's not your friend if you are afraid to talk to him about his unethical actions.

    Im not sure what to tell you, because you can only lead a horse to water -- you can't make it drink... or not drink and do cocaine and steal shit.
  7. thats because i guess hes not my friend anymore maybe
  8. Thats why I don't fuck with anything else other than my weed. Cocaine is a hell of drug, in the words of Rick James :devious:. I would say either tell him upfront about his problem and tell him he's throwing away his life and acting like a douche and if he just starts yelling at you tell him he just lost a good friend and walk away. Shouldn't have to put up with that bullshit. He stole weed from basically you AND your friend, even after you both said no. Thats not cool. Maybe if he wasn't such a douche about it like lying and then blaming you, you could forgive him but he sounds like a dickhead.

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