Friend & Aim & Furbies

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  1. kylelab01: its time
    Church7447: time 4 wat
    Church7447: HAMMER TIME!
    kylelab01: You shall see soon enough me lad
    Church7447: oh
    Church7447: nd when is this?
    kylelab01: youll know
    Church7447: ok its now?
    Church7447: when i get older im gonna bu ylike 400 furbys and sset them up all over my house
    kylelab01: lol haaaaa
    Church7447: its gonna be ill
    kylelab01: haaaa

    haaa I am so high & this is like the funniest shit I heard
  2. FURBIES!!


    dude. mine used to wake up from the deep sleep in the middle of the night and say that shit. scared the FUCK out of me when i was a kid.
  3. mine was in the back seat of my car once and everytime i would take a sharp turn
    it would go weeeeeee lol no lie
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