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  1. ok so ill be going out of town in the next few weeks and i wanted to chill with my best friends before i go and we have decided that were just gonna go all out and make this a really special occasion weve never been ones to smoke more than a couple gs in a day but on friday were buying a half o and smoke it all just bc we wont see each other for almost a whole month weve got a chill place which is our normal smoking room but were upping it a little instead of just a table and chairs were gonna put some bean bags in there and my best friend  is going to bring her huge mac desktop and were gonna watch netflix and play board games and a whole bunch of shit and just have a great time with no worries and not thinking were not gonna be able to smoke cause of us normally being conservative and it will be cool to smoke all fucking day and not give a single flying F*%k about anything which ik is what alot of you guys on here do but we normally dont have time to use a whole day just to smoke between classes and work im just super excited cause this is gonna be the most amazing day ever:D

  2. O ya dat sounds real nice o ya
  3. That's good man excited for you. Tell us stories about it.
  4. Yeah do that stuff now cause you wont be able to do it in the future. Have fun!
  5. have fun, when you tell us about it please put in spaces so I don't have to work through a block of text lol
  6. Good for you guys!!! Love the board games, wish more people would play boARD games.

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  7. sounds like you will enjoy your time with your friends. Thats whatsup man :bongin: 

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