Friday plans?!

Discussion in 'General' started by rync888, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. It's Friday night how's everyone starting off their weekend?

    I went out drinking last night. took off work today or I would've lost sick time. I think I'm laying low tonight picked up some green crack and my buddy always has headband so I might pick up an eighth. Movies tea bud maybe some tonight.
  2. heading to the friends house to smoke it up and play some video games :D
  3. I'm going out tomorrow night so I'm taking it easy tonight. Delicious dinner, some tv and then bed haha.
  4. I have a meeting tomorrow at 7 so I am just finishing up some reading and about to sleep.

    [ame=]Sam Roberts-End of the Empire - YouTube[/ame]
  5. im getting high as balls lol
  6. just woke up, gonna smoke and drink then go to a free show at a bar.
  7. i plan to stay home get stoned and play vidja game
  8. Really stoned watching Everybody Loves Raymond

    Got work at 7 am :/

  9. best first post ever
  10. Working tonight & spending the rest of my weekend in Toronto. Booya.
  11. Been throwing up all day today, staying home tonight. :(
  12. Worst Wednesday night of my life. Made a complete fool in front if my coworkers! Staying in for the weekend... Puked enough this week. Me, the couch, and the bong tonight sounds puuurrr fect :) ... New to grasscity! So trying to figure out how to use it.
  13. Yeah I think I'm going out tomorrow night.
  14. How do I post something? I feel so dumb I really don't know how to use this! Is this a post ? Ughh
  15. im trying to do something tommorow. Someone hit me up :smoke:
  16. The Gods and I are getting together for a midnight bash...Can't quite recall the reason.

    I tell ya though, that Jesus...Puts on one hell of a fuckin' party.:cool:

  17. ahahahahah

    yep, its a post alrite :p
  18. Yes this would be a post...
  19. getting stoned.

    listening to music.

    browsing forums.

  20. So you can reply to people and like have a conversation? I've been trying to figure this crap out for like 2 hrs it's bothering me!

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