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  1. okso im gonna ramble here b4 i go roast a bowl... ok thers this chill place in the town next to us that most ppl from my school go..its a chill place its called Lookout Rock and looks outt to all the surrounding towns and shit..ok neway....we went ther last night at about 8pm and ther were loads of cars in the parking lot so we thot we were screwed for smoking..

    so we get up ther and we see like 5-6 ppl on the rock jus chillen and talkn to this big rastafarian guy who was jus chillen and talkn wit every1 ther... ther was a chick in like this hemp rasta hat.. the whole time i was ther i kept wonderin if they toked becuz i wasnt sure i they were cool becuz ppl hav snitched b4 ther..anyway i happent to look over and see this 1 dude playn with a ziplock baggy and im like holy shit do they got fuckin bud? then i clearly saw it and walked over and they stared at me and i said hey do you got bud? i was jw cuz me and my friend wanted to smoke and didnt kno if it was cool wit all u? they laughed and said sure and were passin ther own bowl i matched with em and my other friends later showed up.. and the rasta guy ther was sooo dam chill...this guy was telln us bout jamaica and what our birthdays meant in spiritual form and stuff, he had a lot of wicked cool shit to say and i shook his hand b4 he left... we jus chilled and out of nowher a big ass horse comes. im talkin huge as mothafuckin white horse wit some chick ridin it..and we were all stoned as shit on the rock and were like WOOOO nice horse!! Y dont ya jus give us a little gallop on the way out? so that horse bolted out the fuckin woods..pretty crazy...but thats all..i guess the moral here is like.. smokin wit strangers and new ppl is prtty fun.. and rasta's are thnx guys if u read this shit..ima go roast a bowl now:smoking:
  2. lol what something about a horse?
  3. Sounds pretty chill man, Id love to meet random people and blaze with them
  4. man how cool would that be
    sounds like a memorable experience
  5. that sounds like so much fun did u get the guys # cuz that would b mad chill and he probably gets mad weed.....

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