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  1. Hey all, i was curious to see who else shares my mindset when it comes to what to do on a friday/saturday night. I work and go to school all day, i get pretty beat after all that work and shit. I really love looking forward to coming home and crashing in my lay z boy, smoking a bong, eating some food and watching tv. Baseball playoffs tonight followed by bill maher. Thats not to say that i dont enjoy going out, i do. But when it comes to truly being comfortable and wanting to relax, nothing beats chillen at home watching the tube and smoking some ak-47 :smoke:. The question is, is that weird? Im 21 i go to college and live off campus. I have alot of friends and no girl at this time. Tonight they went down town to hit some clube and i declined because i just want to chill. Also to be honest, even when i do go with them, i wish i had stayed home. The reason for that is its always the same routine. Drunk -----> some skank whore who cant hold a conversation ------> hangover the next morning and feeling like utter shit.

    Some repsonces on this matter would be nice, and thanks for listening, peace peops....:bongin:
  2. I hear ya. I prefer smoking and chilling out over going out and drinking on most days. Whenever I go out to some frat party or bar and drink I'm usually trying to pick someone up and basically always come back empty-handed. I'm probably not trying hard enough, but it still bums me out. On the other hand, I love the feeling of just getting ripped and chilling with some friends, playing some video games or something.

    I'm hoping to live off-campus next year. The day I can just sit in my room and hit my bong will be a day of celebration. :D
  3. you havent lived until you sat on a lazy boy rippin a roor and watching a 40 ince lcd! =)
  4. Going outs over rated. Period.

    Like most of 'my people' we dont dig that scene.

    Kick it at one of our cribs, Smoke all the green ya want, Get as wrecked as ya want with no huge exspenses or problems. Do whatever the hell ya want, We usually fuck with some music. Make some beats or lay down a track or two. Or bump some shit and play pool or whatever the fuck we want cuz its like no laws when ya in the basement of a crib gettin wasted.

    Thas how i do.

    Shit jus today, Woke up at 1:30, Was stoned as fuck by 2:00. Smokin all day. Wrote a song and finished this beat. By 7:30 i got a nice bag and split it up three ways for me n three people and me n homeboy smoked 2 joints and 3 packed bowls all fucked bumpin music shootin pool.

    Jus how we do. Do what we want, Fuck goin out.

  5. Yeah man, Time is better used with a close group of friends.
    Music is also a great use of time is life, any kinds music is good for you.

    Going out to bars costs alot of $ over time, its cheaper getting evreyone to throw in on beer and weed, dont buy by the glass.

    To the OP,
    Its always nice to chill and have time to yourself, some people grow out of the Party mode faster than their friends.

    More power to you man
  6. yeah i used to do the same thing, i have to work on saturday and sunday morning so i dont go out. i used to smoke, but i cant even do that now because it makes me so tired and keeps me awake ... gotta wake up early sat morning.. also right now i have no money and i am going through my hardest term at university..
  7. I like having a bunch of friends over instead and having some sort of drug fest. It's always safer to be at home than on the streets.
  8. i feel the same way. i usually just have everyone come chill at my place... watchin' tv or listenin' to some aesop rock. its just so much more enjoyable to relax. being drunk just doesn't give you that same satisfaction. plus i seem to save a lot more money just smokin' some tree. since me and my friends all smoke each other down weed tends to last a lot longer.
  9. I'm with KSR.

    Me n my boys rarely go out... Only on special occassions... theres nothin to do in my town. Its hookah bar or go get drunk in this stupid ass field (just asking for cops to come...)

    I go to the hookah bar every now and then, but never the field.

    You can almost always find us chillin back at the crib, unless were doin business.

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