Friday Night

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, May 6, 2006.

  1. So yeah, i got 5 grams of nice stinky regs.

    My plans tonight fell to shit, so i'm chillin at home, toking up and relaxing.

    No sweat, i get up early tommorow morning to go to the Cannabis March in Toronto anyways.

    What is everybody up to tonight?
  2. I only ever post pics when i'm at the girlfriends, she owns the camera.

    Most of it will be smoked before then
  3. Sounds like a nice night to me! Nice avatar by the way.

  4. My friday night only consists of drinkign gatorade and eating pizza. I have no money therefor no bud. And I dont feel like smokin with anyone unless I have bud too. Shit sucks, but I dont remember hte last time ive gone this long without smoking. Today hadnt smoked, nor yesterday. 48 hours. time for another tolerance break.
  5. My plans on herb fell through, Dude too lazy to weigh shit out. Hooked me up with a bowl of green and 4 roaches for the night.

    Sucks but its free and itll get me by.

    Not to forget the 2 fifths of R & R and 12 pack of Molson Ice ive been drankin on i got to drank.
  6. UPDATE:

    So i decided to go over to a small party that was going on tonight. I kind of wanted to stay in, but i got convinced.

    About 30 min after i get here. Two lady friends of mine start to bitch eachother out and start swinging.

    I tried to intervene. I ended up getting hit with a wine glass and getting a knee to the groin.

    I'm actually too high to be angry about it, i'm just kind of sore. She missed the boys, but hit the rod, still fuckin hurt though.

    I managed not to swing back, but i sure wanted to.

    Oh well, neither of them got hurt at least, and she'll hopefully thank me in the morning. So i decided to come back home. I don't need to deal with this shit on my friday night.

    I need to smoke a bowl and relax.
  7. i got weed and ima get fucked up

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