Friday Night!!

Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyPete, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. It's friday and I got a pocket full of money.

    I'm goin to get my haircut now, gonna shave my face, gonna dress up real nice like and go out get drunk and hang out with girls.

    What could be a better night? :hello:
  2. Have you ever...

    Got your haircut, shaved your face, dressed up real nice, gotten drunk, and hung out with girls... on WEEEEEEEED??

    I bet that'd be better. ;)
  3. im about to change my shirt, wash my face, and get krunk at an appt tonight. i cant wait.
    many girls will be involved :)

    and i got a girl set up for tommorow to!
  4. i learned to shave either before i smoke, or an hour after...i always fuck it up, and have like a spot i missed, and i go and do something important...yeah...

    to the OP, get a box of raincoats to man, always come in handy...:cool:
  5. Well the barbershop was closed, and I don't have a license to drive anywhere else. :mad:

    Now I either shave my head or put on a hat...
  6. ehh just put on a hat.

    Cutting your hair is extremely overrated.

  7. Yes, yes it is.
  8. hahahhah
    i love that movie
  9. working tonight..get krunk for me pete!!!
  10. I'm about to get blazed, and watch the sunset.
    Get some dinner, and head over to hang with some buddies and blaze somemore =]
  11. im sitting on my ass studying, sorta
  12. TGIF.

    I have $0. Nothing. But I am high and I have a fat sack of nugs.

    Guess it's not so bad :smoke:
  13. Well, I took a shower, shaved my head, shaved my face, shaved *ehm*, took another shower, got some nice clothes on, put on some cologne and now I gotta wait like an hour and a half...

    Ain't got no weed, so what is a guy to do with hisself?>
  14. Bottle of Jose Citron
    Bottle of Buttershots
    Bottle of Bailey's
    24PK of Miller
    Bottle of the Captain

    and females--gonna be a great night here :)
  15. Masturbate?

    Just an idea

  16. Nice, I wish I had somewhere to party instead of bars.

    It sucks paying like 9 bucks for a weak and small mixed drink, but that's why pregaming was invented right? I'm gonna have to walk down to the store and buy some brews.
  17. I'm getting hammered downtown at the bar all my roommates work at..3 of them are bartending tonight on the outdoor patio bar (Sweetest one) and I'll be getting double Bacardi Cokes all night for $1 a pop. Best hookup ever..gonna get nice and blazed up before we go too, clearly.
  18. My day was great and its only going to get better as time goes bye. First of all my family is gone out of town for the next 3 days so I have the house completley to myself. I get the next 3 days off with monday being a paid vacation. Then today I asked my boss for a 100 dollar advance wich he did with no problems. So I go to cash it only to realize im not broke and I have 90 bucks in my account still. So I went and picked up a quarter, 3 40mg Oxycontins, a world of warcraft game time card, a fresh pack of smokes and some mcdonalds.

    My plan for the rest of my night is to continue railing oxy's and smoking joints while playing some wow untill eventually I nod off!!! I needed this relax night, it was a rough week at work, and I needed this 3 day break from my dad, we dont exactly see eye to eye. Then when I get up my friend ashley is comming over to cook thanksgiving dinner for me, her and my buddy chris.

    Its gonna be a wicked weekend for me :)

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