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Friday Night. What are you doing tonight?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. I just wanted to see what everyones Friday night is going to consist of. I am personally going to PF Changs with my wife and then back here (home) to smoke a bowl or 12. What are you guys doing tonight?
  2. I'm hanging out with whoever comes over, prolly drinking, definetly token many bowls. Oh and pf changs is baller, there food is amazing. And I would highly suggest the 12 bowls :)
  3. logging off, then getting off, then it's off to work.
  4. im gonna be chiefin on a 3.6g nug i just scored for free. il post a pic later. and its gonna be fuuuuun-didly-un
  5. At a party right now blitzed off my feet! Weird herb, makes me feel like my skin's getting ripped off by a giant metal sphere of spikes. Later, lol.
  6. Hung out with a buddy of mine, we mostly drove around, did a few deals, and went to eat.I just got a new sack. One bowl later I am so fucking stoned.
  7. Just got done watching Anchorman, and now going to munch out on some Kix Berry cereal.
  8. Not a whole lot....met up with a buddy and went to Hooters, chilled there for a lil while then went to the pool hall. Shot some pool, chilled some more and then came home.
    Sparked up a bowl a minute ago....goin to bed very work at 8:45am.
  9. smoked a couple of blunts and drank some nasty malt liquor with some gangsta I recently met in my apartment complex haha
  10. Well I am going to smoke one last time tonight. Chose a bowl as the form factor due to lack of feedback on a different thread(lol). My night will be complete once I am stoned and asleep.

    Night all.

  11. I can't wait to see those pics of that nug. Sounds great!

    Sm0ke 0ne

  12. Well I was watching UFC last night, until some retard set a mop on fire in the hallway of my building at 11:00 p.m and filled the whole place with smoke...

    luckily the wife, the baby and I were only out in the car for about an hour with the heat on full blast until the FD said it was okay to go back inside. also i don't live on the top floor so nothing in my apt. got smoke damaged fortunately.

    we are moving in a couple weeks anyways, we've had so many problems here... mice... stove doesn't work properly, the water tap is all fucked...etc. and now this

    maybe next friday will work out a little better I hope
  13. Dry and not planning on buying anything cause i need to save my money

    So probably nothing

    All my friends are away at college..and there aint much to do when you can't spend money :smoke:

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