Friday Night Smoking @ A Church

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by kigy, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. So me and 2 friends were driving around looking for a place to post and smoke a blunt one of them rolled. In my area there are more cops out between 12-3am then any other time of the day because there are a lot of people who like to street race. So the story starts:

    We pull into the Burger King parking lot and start to roll it. There's an alley on the other side of this like divider that separates 2 parking lots. I have an Integra so it's really low. We thought this would be a little bit better smoking spot because no one goes back there. But I was wondering if I could clear it so I didn't have to drive a 1/2 mile down the road and flip a bitch and wait for street lights and all that. Well as I'm about to do it I look up from the ground and there's a cop car sitting right there pointed directly at us with a cop inside. We almost smoked about 10 ft from a cop the only thing that separated us was this garbage dumpster. It's amazing we didn't even see the cop in the first place.

    Ok so anyways we leave and stop at Taco Bell and finish rolling. The only place my friend could think of was this church parking lot. This place is sick as fuck. It's on a huge windey hill and no one goes up there. So we turn on music, open the moonroof and light it up. We finish and then go to smoke a bowl on some side street because we were hearing sounds and got nervous that we were talking and laughing too loud. So as were drinking back my friend bows his head and starts praying (he's not religious hes just high a fuck lol) and prays for like 10 minutes and says we must ask for forgiveness or we're all going to hell.

    Then I came up wit hthe genious idea that we should smoke a blunt at every religion's church. There was a Catholic one down the street and a Mormon one a little bit farther and then a Greek Orthodox downtown.

    We just smoked the bowl and then I went home and fell asleep. The End
  2. Next time, keep the moonroof closed and hot box :D

  3. Exactly my thoughts
  4. dude stop smoking at churches. I have seriously read over 10 threads of people getting caught smoking at a church parking lot. Cops go there even if you dont think they do.
  5. As long as the parking lot isn't completely empty and you don't have your car on (you can still have the radio on) the cops shouldn't roll up on you.

    Sounds tight though.
  6. I was drunk last night and thought it was the end of the world. I laughed and started asking myself if I should follow a random religion so that I won't go to "hell". Then i thought about how great it would be to convert to a relgion while drunk.

    There's this really creepy one-room southern church down the road from me. I think it's a snake-handling church??
  7. haha man, yesterday i smoked on the roof of a church

  8. Man, every few weekends I head down to my buddies house and we hotbox this short bus in a church parking lot. A few weeks back my friend forgot his piece and we had no papers left so he goes inside the church and rips a page out of a bible man.

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