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friday night at my place

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by critter 11, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. grandma and granddaughter dancing in the lounge to 70,s music [olivernewton john ,greese]

    kids off having a good time .

    l have taken delivery of the 75 trident[pics tommorrow after a clean]

    3 parts drunk on real good port {$150 a case]

    stoned as usual :D

    life is good

    lol, apart from the bit about leaving mrs critter after 28 years and starting over.

    SHIT l,AM lN A GOODS MOOD. l love yous guys ,lol.
  2. having three kids each watching grease 18hundred times apiece, i unfortunatley can help them with a whole broadway musical of the program.....
    oooh another good one annie.
    ooh our car trips are fun.....car cd's are a mix of heavy metal, rap,folk tunes...musicals,annn......uugh,the wiggles
    its pretty funny to pull out ozzy an put the care bears in. without skipping a beat
    *im still not accepting the mrs. critter thing.
  3. HIGH All, *LOL* right on critters...sounds like a good time to me. Wish I was there sharing some of that port with you and smoking what we All love.

    You sure like your Triumph's....how many you have now my friend?
  4. That sounds like saturday night at Greenbow :D

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