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Freshly dried AK-48 bud pics!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by crzayboy420, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Just some pics of what i been smoking...AK-48 from nirvana

    Attached Files:

  2. Beautiful buds, im jealous
  3. holy crap that stuff looks almost not real, great shit man.

    hows she smoke?
  4. looks delicious! :yummy:
  5. like delicious lil nuggets from smoke...lil harsh cuz its only been curing for about a week but mmmm.... it is stanky
  6. Woooow. I was considering throwing in a couple AK48s in my next grow, you've definitely helped me make up my mind! +rep dude, looks daank:smoke:

    What kinda set up you got goin on? Lights, nutes, soil, hydro?
  7. loooks legit!
  8. Soil, my own mix...advanced nutrients only with a lil superthrive during veg and molasses during flower...vegged under 250w mh with 2 70w hps...flowered under 400w hps for 7 weeks...3 gallon pot the whole time...that plant was about 140-150 grams wet, dried to about an oz and a half (and stunk up my whole house in the process)...been curing for a week in glass jars...definitely don't have to finish a whole bowl...i still do though lol
  9. A lot of yummy looking hairs and trichs right thurr.
  10. Looks nice a little fluffy looking compared to the Ak-47 i'm growin right now definately looks dank as shit though man, how's it taste, have u had the 47 before does it compare at all in similarity with it?
  11. never had ak-47...thinking of gettin some from attitude...
  12. thats awesome!! i am growing some AK48 right now and am about to switch to flowering, this makes me even more excited!

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