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Fresh Harvest-Bubba Kush

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Diamon_D, Mar 23, 2010.

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    Just starting dry/cure,this bubba turned out to be a monster!
    let me know wat u think

    105 views 5 comments come on guys

    any opinions?

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  2. Damn how long did you veg that for?
  3. 5 weeks m8
  4. nice bro!!!! :smoke:
  5. clone bubba kush or Green house seed co?
    regardless.. that looks like some serious fire. grats and +rep
  6. thanks to green house,from seed. i cant stand all my local friends going from cuttins all the time,u never know wat strain ur gettin and they never grow like this! from seed all day long .peace
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    High Diamon_D! :)

    Wow! :eek: Awesome! :hello: How often did you feed it, what kind of nutrients, and did it like heavy/medium/light feedings? Post us a dry weight and a smoke report man. :cool: All in all, looks like an awesome pull. :wave: +rep
  8. Yeah, thats impressive:smoking:
  9. big flowers for a Buba. What was dry weight on one of them big girls? i'm guessin 5-6 oz??? Happy smokin!:)
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    i took detailed notes throughout need few days 2 compile it all properly,but here is few bits to keep u guys interested.any positve critisism or questions is appreciated
    the story so far
    1st time grow
    it was located at a "friends" place so there were sum times wen it wasnt possible to see it an check ec/ph.at 1 point it was left for 2 weeks wen i checked it ph had rose to 6.8 an ec to 3.9! yes 3.9! i was shocked! and it seemed to love it!
    i let it veg for 5.5 weeks flowered for 12 weeks
    trics didnt seem to go amber until week 11! all the reading i did told me it was an 8-9 weeker!??
    the bubble bucket method was used,very effective!
    canna nutes,much love
    feedin was done according 2 canna grow guide,starting and finishing; light/medium/heavy/light,much love
    after a week of drying,we came to 2nd trim and jar up,i think my so called friend got greedy,we ended up with 4.5 oz split 50/50,not bad.
    wen we cut it down there was so much it was unbelevable! it looked like 10-15 oz's easily,dont think i will grow with him again
    currently curin my 2.25 oz's been almost a week now it is already strong not very fruity ,

    plan b,good job i harvested seed 2 about 10 days ago from another grow that ran side by side number 1, at diff location,was only small 2ft,showed bubble gum pheno full-on. been curin it for 10 days now,got about 3/4 oz.has an after taste of real sweetness/fruity like
    happy days
    glad i got that off my chest
    time 2 sit back drink ice cold grolsh and smoke a fat 1:cool::smoking:

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