Fresh Cuttings, I got ?'s

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ImPakelika, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. Hey whats up, just 10 min ago i got back from a friend of mines plant that was raped about a month and a half ago. Anyway I figure the plant was still living, and I was right. I went out there today with a friend of mine and I got 7 fresh cuts, my friend also got about 4 for comming along. Anyway I got a few questions, to get a good root going I put them in 2 cups with distilled water in them. Right now the only light I have on hand is a 40 watt compact fluor, one used for growing (its high in red and blue spectrum). Ok my question is Do I need these under some light for them to start growing good roots, or do I need them in darkness. Replys as soon as possible please.
  2. Relatively low flourecent light is best for clones/cuttings until they root. Keep them in water with 1/2 strength bloom fertilizer, one that is high in phosphorus, the "middle" number in the three numbers that describe the contents of fertilizer on the package. preferably go ahead and put them in a medium like peatmoss, pearlite, or rockwool. If you stick with water, put a fish tank bubbler in it-the cutting needs oxygen like everything else...
  3. Ok, i got a little problem here. I eliminated some of the smaller cuttings and I am now with 4 left. Anyway the flouro that I have them under was obviously too close and it burnt the leafs a little. I took them from where they were. My question is do you think they will still survive rooting?
  4. If they lived through it they will probably be ok...beginners have a hard time with clones...
  5. yeah, so far i think 2 of them are going to live. My best one (and favorite) is lookin the best. Right now I just have them on my computer desk under my normal light. Do you think this will work fine, or should i put them back under the flouro?

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