Fresh Air vs CO2 into grow room?

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  1. What's up guys? Hope all is well. Im working on a sealed 8'x8'x8' room.

    I've been producing nothing be fluffy buds but there are lots of factors that I think affects the quality of my buds. Anyway, Im contemplating weather or not I should use CO2 or if possible, somehow get fresh air from outside into the grow room.

    My only question with getting fresh air into the room would be bug problems. Since I'm pulling air from outside, there's a good chance that bugs can be sucked into my 6" fan and brought into the grow room. The last thing I want to worry about is a bug infestation. Any experts out there have an idea which would be best and what do you suggest if I decide to go with the fresh air method.

    Thank you!
  2. If you can afford co2 I'm sure it's worth it. I don't live in a neighborhood where I could bring tanks in and out without being suspicious so I don't even consider it.

    What strains have you been growing? Some will just naturally be a little fluffy no matter what I think. Could also be your heat and ventilation aren't optimal.
  3. thanks for the reply. I know it's the heat that's been stressing my babies out. I've grown Platinum Bubba Kush, Jamaican OG and Master Kush. All of which did not live up to it's name. Been having heat problems here in Cali that just turned my garage into a sauna.

    Any comments on pulling fresh air into the room without bug infestation?
  4. I would just get the finest screen you can find and use that as somewhat of a filter. Maybe put in some type of double-sided tape/glue trap thing, but you'd probably have to replace that every month...might get annoying to deal with. You could also put a hot shot no pest strip outside the garage in the general area fresh air in coming in. You'd probably want to replace that every month too though...

    Oh and if the fresh air is coming from the roof or near the roof that'd probably help.

  5. hmm ok. thanks for the input. I was starting to wonder why Outdoor grows were so dense was because they get a constant supply of fresh co2.. is that also a factor?
  6. Interesting website about CO2: The Direct and Indirect Effects of Increased Carbon Dioxide on Plant Growth

    The website states that according to scientific studies, all factors remaining the same, a 100% increase (say from 1000ppm to 2000ppm) in CO2 will increase your yield 41%.

  7. If a true sealed room is the goal, CO2 is a must! If you opt out of CO2 injection, there's no reason to put in the time, effort or expense of sealing it up (except for light, you must be light tight, regardless!).

    More important than injecting CO2 in the near term is getting your temps under control...period! It would be better to spend your money on an AC (a mini split will allow you to seal the room later, when there are funds for CO2).

    Fresh air certainly has a constant and uniform supply of CO2, but the actual sun is also a bad ass grow light! :)

    I think your main question was will bugs come with fresh air: That is certainly a possibility, more so than if it were completely sealed. If you can do both CO2 and AC, I believe that would be optimal. If there are budget constraints, I'd start with AC and work towards sealed with CO2. Some of the above suggestions about screens and filters would help if you must vent.

    Good luck!

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