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Discussion in 'General' started by Hyper, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. So its about 13 degrees F with the windchill right now. My stores heat is broken and I don't close for another hour. Got some beyond top shelf from my new grower and can not wait to rip it and melt in a steamy shower. Anyone else burn then hop in the shower? Love it. :hello:

  2. I like to toke in the bathtub, I don't like to take showers when I'm high though, it's a buzzkill for me.
  3. I want a fucking bathtub.
  4. I'm actually tokeing and drinking tea in prep of taking a shower. I even get to sit down in my shower. Mmmmm.
  5. I'm in S Fla, it's only 50F here but to a Floridian, its freezing lol.

  6. On my way down there tonight to get some of that S Fla sun! Jealous of that 50degrees in the winter!:cool:
  7. It may snow a little today, it's 35 F here and raining.
  8. Don't be, it's hot as balls out today lol
  9. Bathtub tokers represent! :hello: :smoking:

    I'm rather fond of them. It would suck to live in a place that didn't have one.
  10. i hate the cold, honestly. it's only good for making you stay in your house and get fat

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