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    what are your opinions on these pipes their liquid filled and freezeable to nice cold hit and the green one glows in the dark for them night or dark sessions

  2. Holy shit, where can I get one of these?
  3. i want one of those things. wher can i get them?
  4. i saw this at venice beach for 25 for the small and 35 for the big ones
  5. Friend had one similar to this.
    Police was mind boggled when they saw it

    Never thought about freezing it though
  6. Hopefully the liquid won't expand when it's frozen ;)
  7. those aren't freezable. they're just filled with colored antifreeze for a cool liquid-filled effect.

    cold glass + open flame = :(
  8. They look pretty cool but I'd be worried about the bowl cracking.
  9. Ya dont freeze that thing, please.
  10. Those are freezer pieces. I literally just got back from my head shop and the clerk was showing me the new shipment of these they got in. Someone else there told me they bought one and it takes most of the harshness out of the smoke. I would have bought one if I could.

  11. put a piece of glass in the freezer. once frozen, pull it out of the freezer and put a lighter to it. it will shatter in your hand. the clerk at your headshop is a dumbass.


  12. i went back and bought the piece and its made from different glass it wont crack i got home froze it then had my sesh and its fuckin great dont have to worry about cracking but after a while the piece does get warm
  13. Yea just by the looks of the picture you can't tell what kind of liquid/material it is.

    I've seen these before and they could be frozen no problem, i'm sure theres a way for them to do it, well obviously heh.
  14. the inside is has anti freeze
  15. oh yea i got the green glow in the dark one i had 2 hotbox my closet and you never have to worry about droppin the pipe because you see it review commin soon after a couple grams
  16. I think it has some type of anti freeze method in it, it doesn't freeze the liquid solid just gets really cold. Ive seen them at my head shop and yes supposedly you are suppose to put them in the freezer. Dont know if they will crack or not but hot flame to ice cold glass is usually never a good idea.
  17. Go ahead and stick it in the freezer. If you think your butane lighter has enough thermal energy to change the heat of your pipe faster than your hand will warm the whole thing, then you are severely in need of a lesson in physics and heat dynamics. Thats like saying that Antarctica is going to shatter in the winter because the sun rises.
  18. I think it really depends on the quality of materials. If I wanted a cool smoke like that though I would just toss some ice into a dry bong.

  19. i dont think id want to smoke something with anti-freeze in it...

    but a frozen cool hit would be nice:smoke:
  20. get a plastic freezer piece

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