Freestyla's in tha city

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  1. aight ch'all, dis fo' all tha freestyla's wit lyrical scrillz tah post sum' rhymez. i jus been listenin' tah sum' cash money so i wanna here sum flowz.

    ps: I did that on purpose, to type ghetto like that because im version 2.0 xplicitcontent copyright. heh
  2. Bloody hell I think this mate has lost his fucking mind!!
  3. smoked too much cuz i had spare times
    through the sweet chillum, i burned 20 dimes
    cops wanna bust me, but nature ain't a crime
    they jus wanna take my weed to smoke whats mine

  4. I mean, I feel ya homie *lol*
  5. i take a toke from the one hitter
    im the rhyme spitter
    i tell girls to come hither
    and the plants startin to whither
    better save em, cuz thats the good bud
    found out she female, gotta save my love
    12 feet around in a radius
    and the bud startin to smellin the crazyiest
    lazyiest, the dealer thats i
    i even sell the bud before its even gets to dry
    and make the customers get high and cry
    all night asking why and why
    jus kiddin, but i know tricks like that
    and they weed be bad, screamin dat shits jus wack
    makin u wanna quit and start to do crack
    but i stick to bud, ain't ever gonna try that
    that sh'ts wack, whats with the thing
    to fry your brain, boths arms in rings
    headin to jail for doing bad things
    like me when i begin to sing
    but this how i preach to the world, my public
    smokin up wit cheech, in my room, gotta love it
    cops wanna bust me, but they know they can't
    cuz my lawler gotta preech, after an pro weed rant
  6. Go explict, go explicit, go go go

    juuust kidding. ;)
  7. explicit is that a pic of you as your advatar? She looks cute!!
  8. oh and bud head, thats jus one my girls i got mah play on, yea yea! haha, luv tha ghettoness. and if u want, after i change my av, u can put it in that section with the others so females have more a choice to represent them selves rather then scully or topless chic
  9. Xplicit uwatch 106 and park on BET? You seen the freestyle friday champ Jin? He pure chinese and hes been undefeated for like a month now...he juss signed with ruff ryders
  10. i thought that was months ago when he signed with ruff ryders, but yea, i saw him. thats gonna be me in 10 year, first gotta freshin up on my skillz, heh.
  11. highly technic, my rhymes wreck shit, respect it, higher verse that is fully perfected.. my shit will help you see the light like spectic- als, you verse is hurting like i wrecked your valves- veins burst, with enough pressure to make your brain hurt, insane verse: unrehearsed, no cats is spared.. with your lips flappin mildly fair, but never exellin- my shit will blow your mind like a warp speed engine propellin.....

    fuck, i need some bud
  12. hip hop technics, brah.. representin fo the 2g2.

    word up yo.

    hella phat.

  13. damn xplicit u gotta beat that if u wanna be champ....
  14. too high to rhyme
    don't wanna waste my time
    but now i gotta shine
    as i commit this crime
    an act of murder, death to a name
    for someone who trying to get sum fame
    but jus couldn't claim
    its a shame, for foo's who be like that
    who wanna spit rhymes, and call me wack
    they rap like shaq, cuz their flows are crap
    they don't even know half tha alphabat
    whooa, whatcha do now
    i do what i want, smoke a lil dro
    water tha plants to get some mo'
    and sellin it to retards who jus don't kno
    the difference between a dime and a popscicle
    but i bus a flow, whenever i want
    only when im high, i really can't count
    really can't rhyme
    really don't fold,
    buh when i battle, i always get tha gold
  15. werd! reppin tha nu era crew
  16. yuh-yuhyuh yuh yuh you wanna battle? yuh-yuh-yuh you wanna battle?
  17. aright startin now...both of u come up with the final freestyle....see who wins.
  18. im too lazy.. maybe tomorrow
  19. i have 3 friends who can freestyle together, as long as you give em a joint (lol) and a beat.... they can tear shit up.
    but then theres my slightly dumber friend who cant rap, so he makes up these crazy country ballads that are hilarious
    but you guys are doin good there

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