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  1. Don't you wish you could smoke without worrying about your parents, employer or cops catching you? Don't you wish it was legal and accepted by all strata in society? Don't you wish you could openly and freely smoke everywhere?

    We need a Herb Heaven.
  2. I do, i think about this every day.

    But i like this saying:

    "Freedom in only multiplied by the struggle that be"

    It's nice because not only can i smoke marijuana and scincerley enjoy it, but it's a little bit of "fuck the man" while i'm at it :)

  3. I can see the scene. Rasta's talking to a friend and then, suddenly, a watch on Rasta's wrist beeps.
    "Hang on," he says "I just gotta take a minute or two..."
  4. It's a 2 lane high-way: You fuck them all day, and in turn, they fuck you once and your done.
  5. I wish it were alot more easy to sit and be able to socially smoke at my house then I wouldn't mind not being able to drive and smoke. I always like a little bit of criminality with it. I've seen some people look at me when I'm high and some wonder what it's like, some hate me, but I don't give a shit, I am enjoying life.
  6. gettin high in the us is fun but i'm goin to move to amsterdam soon for some real freedom

  7. I've thought about that.

    I'm dutch heritage. And the dutch love us canadians (WWII and both our countrys love pot).

    It'd be neat learning dutch, but pretty difficult.

    The Netherlands is a beautiful country, more than worthwhile to visit and probably spectacular to live in.
  8. Word. So I'm not the only one. The criminality kinda does add to the fun still.

    There are certain times and places, I can smoke and not worry about anything in the world and I'm good...I just wish it was always like that.

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