Discussion in 'General' started by chaoticflow, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. So Im 18, but I just got my liscense today. It felt so good to drive around today. I also just picked up a job, so that means i can start saving money and having money. Im just really excited about this summer and all of its possibilities. Who else is rediscovering freedom?
  2. where do you live? :p

  3. what a strange question.

    but yea man, I just got an apt. up at school and I feel as free as ever. It's awesome. No RA's, No campus police. College is the shit.
  4. thats cool dude have a good summer
  5. where do you live??
  6. enjoy it! it goes downhill from now on, LOL!
  7. Yea man i know what u mean. I just recently got out the military. I feel as free as a bird!
  8. I live in Virginia, but I just got my liscense because I was on probation. Im pretty sure that you can get it when you are 16 and three months, here though.

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