Freedom of speech/expression 1 - Pakistan 0

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  1. BBC News - Pakistan blocks access to YouTube in internet crackdown

    That's right, due to a few videos and pictures of mohammad being drawn Pakistan has completely blocked access to Youtube and Facebook proving once again that Islam cannot be discussed or made fun of.

    Here's my one
    [ame=]YouTube - Draw Muhammad Day[/ame]

    Blocked in America due to the music, heres the pic :p

    If an idea cannot be scrutinised without death threats, clearly the idea is invalid.

    And no, I do not hate Muslims, I hate their ideas. I have no problem with Muslims practising their religion, I have a problem with their religion being forced on me. If they don't want to draw muhammad, fine, but do not stop me. Being offended is not an excuse to kill people or censor anything.
  2. Neither side barely gets any legitimate credibility.

    I don't know anything about YouTube's policies on the content that's appropriate to showcase to the public. Facebook's policies are/where probably more broader awhile back, but every persons religion or beliefs are mocked on those networks.

    I'm kinda in the same boat on G-Man about Muslims, I'm sure they're nice folks at heart and I'm not one to bash religion, but I do not fuck with ANY of their views and I'm sure a small percentage of folks in Pakistan feel the same way.
  3. So Youtube are embroiled in censorship battles with Pakistan and China now. Some governments need to chill the fuck out.
  4. Wait, they banned the clit?

    That's fucked up. :mad:
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    "I am a Muslim girl, just a normal student. When my religion is insulted, it is me who is insulted. I can live without Facebook but I definitely cannot live in humiliation. I am with my country on this and if Facebook does not take action on this, then ban or no ban, I would never go back to it anyway."

    One of the comments on the bbc page. I don't know about you but I don't have any time for people like this. If someone was to say they thought drugs should be kept illegal to me I wouldn't feel personally insulted and even if i were i would not try and silence them, i would own them in debate or attempt to and perhaps change my idea, why is it they take everything so personally? It's almost as if they want to be offended.

    Why can't they just close the fucking browser if they get offended? ARGH.

    I fucking hate people who try and get shit censored they are offended with, if we did that with everything we would be left with fucking nothing.

  6. Female circumcision, pleasure should be only be experienced by men in the muslim faith.

    I like chess too :(

    "Buraida reported on the authority of his father that Allah's Apostle said: He who played chess is like one who dyed his hand with the flesh and blood of swine."

    Sahih Islam, Book 028, Number 5612.
  7. i am offended by your signature, gman. that skirt is not nearly short enough

    fix it, or prepare to have me fix it for you
  8. So if I see a woman in a hijab they don't have a clitoris? :eek:

    Yea, chess is cool too. Weirdos.

    I'm fine with banning women from driving though. :D ;)
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    Nah, they don't practice it everywhere. The book basically says if you are gonna cut it, dont cut it all off. It happens a lot in Africa but not everywhere. You may cross that out if you wish and replace it with a foreskin, which has to go still.
  10. The Great Sheikh of Al-Azhar (the most famous University of the Islamic World) stated that parents must follow the lessons of Mohammed and not listen to medical authorities because the latter often change their minds. Parents must do their duty and have their daughters circumcised.

    The Qur'an (An-Nisa': 119) states that Satan will try to trick humans into body modification: "And I will surely lead them astray, and arouse desires in them, and command them and they will cut the cattle's ears, and I will surely command them and they will change Allah's creation." This might be interpreted as forbidding FGM as well as tattoos, piercing and any other modification that alters the design of the human body as Allah created it.

    I wonder how mad they would get if we portrayed Mohammad as Satan? Someone do it! :D
  11. I'm on it!!! Can't draw for shit, but lets do it :D
  12. [ame=]YouTube - Drama hamad[/ame]
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    drew another one :p


    [ame=""]YouTube- Taboo[/ame]


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