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  1. Do any veterans of the drug war frequent this board? I've been behind the barricades since the early 70s. Been to a stink-hole southern prison for possession of weed, and in countless jailhouses for the illicit weed. I've been underground for the last 10 years, smoking mildewed warehouse weed, but have avoided the long arm of the law. In the state I live in, it's 2-life for cultivation. Of course I'd love to move to Frisco, but who can afford the real estate. Presently, I can't afford to move to a more progressive state, but its in the very near future. I'm wanting all input from around the US, particularly the NW, with respect to marijuana laws, and how "free" your community is. They made a criminal out of me for smoking weed. Now, in midlife, I just want to be able to afford a small acreage, and be left alone to smoke my weed in peace. However, I'd be remiss not to consider the worst case scenario---if I get busted for a few plants, are they going to seize my house, car, and assets? How much time for growing a "personal" stash? Help!!! Does freedom exist in this whole US of A?

  2. Thanks for the response Super. Yeah, you don't have to be a "barrister" to know the establishment prosecutes the lines of least resistance before troubling themselves with real criminals. Actually, I was hoping someone, more than just someone, with "hey, check out bumbfuck, WA" or some tangible location. I'm new to this board and not familiar with the age of readers and contributors, whether they're "old school" and hip to the value of a low profile, and where the law is most progressive with regard to the herb. This changes with different politicians being elected, but I'm trying to tap into the current "buzz" about a region that leaves the potheads alone. There are such communities out there...they don't register their attitudes toward pot with the Chamber of Commerce, but are found by word of mouth....Mendacino County, CA is one. I'm looking for more options....thanks for the input.

  3. Artful,
    I would have to reccomend Northern California, or the East Bay. San Francisco has ungodly rents, and ironically is not the most medical marijuana friendly city in this state. I would also strongly avoid Los Angeles. The Oakland Clubs aren't harassed nearly as much as the SF ones, as the SF ones pull more negative attention from the media and publicity.. You could probably live decently in Mendo County or up north a bit more with dramatically cheaper rent !! Arcata, north, around Humboldt county isn't too bad either i *hear* but don't know much about the clubs up there.

    My bf is a medical patient out of the Oakland Cannabis Clubs and has had no problems with the law, and the cops haven't hounded the clubs in awhile, to my knowledge. Alameda county allows up to 81 plants (I think? They just reduced it from 144) for legit medical marijuana patients. We don't grow just yet, but Phishhead no longer has to get his releif from a guy who also deals hard drugs (a scene which we strongly dislike), or from someone who may rip him off or not provide quality product.

    Also, while the Feds disagree that marijuana has medical purposes (I like to use the term "refuse to recognize" instead of "disagree), the State of California has prop 215 which has protected medical MJ patients from the Feds' attention, so long as they're not mass-producing or etc.

    Growing a couple plants when you have a prescription from a legit doctor is not going to get your house or assets taken away... California is a pretty liberal state, and they have lenient laws for mere posession, so long as it's not too excessive. I don't know the actual laws about time in jail for what amounts, and am not sure what quantity you are looking to grow, but so long as it's for personal use, and you've obtained a medical prescription/card (there are ways to find the right doctors) you should be OK. You may hear about growers getting busted, but for the most part they are growers who have over the limit of plants, or who are known to be either a) selling for profit and/or selling to non-medical patients.

    Also, there are doctors out here who strongly advocate the fight for freedom, and refuse to give their files to the feds. The feds can't touch them, because of the patient/doctor privacy deal.

    As for my age, etc, I'm 24.. I am "young" but I like to keep a low profile as well. For my bf, trying to obtain medicinal in this area has been a pretty pleasant experience. His biggest complaint? They don't give big discounts @ the clubs for sacks. I don't really mind. Also, I have yet to get one, but your significant other and/or good friend can also obtain a "caregiver's card" so they can enter the clubs with you, in Oakland anyway.

    Good luck in the quest to resurface from the underground, my best wishes to you !! If there are any questions I (or my bf) can try to answer private msg me! I will try to help~

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