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       Before I start I'll give a quick background of my relationship with marijuana.  My first experience with marijuana wasn't pleasant but I later learned to let the high ride and fell in "love" with it.  Gradual use turned to a daily habit and has been for the past 5 years.
        Over the past few months I have slowly began to question if smoking was helping me as much as I thought it was or was I justifying my use for a few positives I get out of it (slight euphoria, eased anxiety, and problems seem to be less of a problem).  This insight would only come to me when I went to visit my brother out of state and forced to not smoke for a week.  After the first few days things went back to "normal" sort of speak.  It was then I realized how easy certain tasks were, that seemed daunting when high.  I also noticed how easy it was to socialize with strangers as you all know how that can be when high.
       When I got back from the visit getting high wasn't on my priority list as it usually is.  A few days later I decided on my own will and not some compulsion to smoke again.  It was that exact moment I realized how much smoking affected my thoughts and personality.  I became a brain dead recluse in a matter of minutes after feeling so mentally clear and sharp just prior.  Having always been in this state, it was never clear how much of an anchor smoking was to me.
       So as a last far well to marijuana I post this thread, maybe we'll meet again in the future but I doubt it.  The new found freedom and mental clarity I have is exhilarating, I'm living life again, enjoying the little things that were blurred before.

  2. Cool story bro .
  3. Did you make an account just to say this? It's no secret that smoking weed every single day will put you in a bit of a haze, Abstinence is one way to avoid it, but so is self-control. 
  4. Good for you? Personal problem not weed. Explore your consciousness and figure it out.

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