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Freed Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. From the Orillia Packet & Times; Orillia Canada

    And I'm paraphrasing because I my attention span doesn't allow me to type this long-ass article.

    Six men mamnaged to make their way into the Orillia landfill to reap a treasure: 20,000 plants valued at $20 million (Yeah fucking right cops, $1000 a plant in your dreams). The plants were seized ina massive drup raid (20,000 plants does seem pretty massive to me too) in nearby Gamebridge Ontario and were secretly (shh quiet) buried in the landfill. The cops had told the media that they were going to burn the plants (yeah, one joint at a time) in an incenerator.

    Nevertheless, after an anonymous tip (fucking narc) that there were massive amounts of cheao grass on the streets, the cops went back to the landfill and found the dudes digging around looking for plants.

    The cops think the men ignored the newscast about inceneration (well duhhh!) and watched as the cops secretly buried their stash. Only to return later to dig them back up(Yeah!!!!). The police were quick to defend their actions saying that inceneration would not be efficient and that the drugs decay quickly when buried (Hunh????)

    True story, read it in a magazine today.
  2. I have a car :D
  3. Actaully it was Camebridge, Ontario.
  4. brings new meaning to the term dirtweed
  5. Arent they close to making weed legal in canada? does anyone know anything about that

  6. ya, the senate is for it n shit, im not too sure on details, but u will only have to be 16 to buy it :)

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