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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by techyt8628, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. On your Android or iPhone device download " App Trailers " You can create an account and can get free stuff. There is a enter bonus code area on the first page of the app. I ask that if you use this to please but in " techyt8268 " is the username that invited you to join. Please and thank you in advance fellow tokers.
  2. App trailers doesn't work. Stop spamming
  3. Seems legit
  4. I read but in, and it reminded me too much of how some guy tried to rape my butt so I went into a fetal position

    Thanks op
  5. Lol i did it. You need 1000 points for $1.00 on amazon and all the videos are worth 2 points. Im no mathematician but i thinks youd be on there for days before you got anything
  6. I'll take an xbox360 and iPhone.

    Thank you very much.
  7. Hey Blueberry Haze. If you have people put your name in bonus points you get a 2,000. Have 10 people do it and its 1,600 microsoft points or some other stuff
  8. It crashes as soon as I open it this is fuckin retarded
  9. thanks for spamming this site, show some respect op come on
  10. [quote name='"500-80"']thanks for spamming this site, show some respect op come on[/quote]

    He's not spamming , thanks for being a dick
  11. [quote name='"BudNdBitches420"']

    He's not spamming , thanks for being a dick[/quote]

    he is posting this so people will sign up and show that he referred them for the benefit if getting more points for himself. it's spam
  12. I'll have 2 xbox live 3 month cards and also hook me up with about 800 microsoft points (can't bring a battle field 3 game to buddies house to play, it's registered to your xbox so fucking dumb)

    Thanks for the help!
  13. people on the app store spam this and other apps alike, on the reviews section, it takes so long to get enough points to get anything, and im not about to spend all that time getting points for something that might work, oh and the whole you'll get x amount of points if you use my refer code is bull shit, you get very little

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